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Man Keeping Woman Awake In Bed With Snoring 2000x1333

Sleep Apnea: New Treatment Options You Should Know About

David P. White, MD - 4/27/2021 - 0

One obstacle to diagnosis of sleep apnea is patient fear of treatment options. They may not know that patient-centric options are available.

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Doximity Dialer on iPhone close up

New Features on Doximity’s Telehealth Application Make It Even Easier to Connect

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA - 4/20/2021 - 0

Last year, Doximity launched a new video calling capability to […]

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Doctors discussing case around a table -integration behavioral physical health care

A PCP Imperative: Integration of Behavioral and Physical Health Care

Tiffany Hall, M.D., CHCQM - 3/14/2021 - 1

Integration behavioral and physical health care creates opportunities to drive better outcomes and lower costs in ways not yet fully realized.

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models of care post COVID world (COVID graphic)

New Models of Care in the Post-Covid Healthcare World (Part 2)

Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA - 1/4/2021 - 0

Observations on models of care in a post-COVID world from HLTH VRTL 2020 with comments on applicability to autoimmune conditions.

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Physician compensation stethoscope and dollars

Physician Compensation 2020: How Much Money Do U.S. Doctors Make Per Year?

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA - 11/8/2020 - 10

Doximity’s Physician Compensation report revealed that income growth slowed and the gender wage gap grew in 2020 due to the pandemic..

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telehealth update - senior man doing a telehealth visit

Telehealth Update from ATA President Dr. Joe Kvedar

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA - 10/4/2020 - 0

Joe Kvedar, MD, President of ATA, joins Pat Salber, MD, CEO and Editor of The Doctor Weighs In, for an in-depth telehealth update.

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Why We Need to Unlock the Full Potential of Primary Care

William H. Bestermann MD and Patricia Salber MD, MBA - 7/19/2020 - 5

There are powerful reasons to move to a value-based primary care system. Highly effective Primary Care 3.0 is an indispensable piece of that effort.

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death with dignity_peaceful evening on Oregon beach

Reflections on Death with Dignity

Sebastian Sepulveda, MD - 7/6/2020 - 4

Facing a painful death from incurable cancer, Brittany Maynard had to move to Oregon so she could control her destiny & die with dignity. Why do so few states allow this?

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reshaping healthcare Alaska

Reshaping Healthcare: What We Can Learn From Alaska

William H. Bestermann, Jr., MD - 6/18/2020 - 0

Southcentral Foundation in Alaska provides excellent healthcare for half the money spent on other patients in that state. What can we learn from them?

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dying patient old farmer in afield

The Indomitable Spirit of My Dying Patient

Sam Kant, MD - 4/30/2020 - 5

Caring for his dying patient, a much-loved Irish farmer with advanced renal failure reminded a doctor of what’s really important in medicine.

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distracted doctor looking at tablet

What to Do When Your Doctor is Distracted

Ronald Epstein, MD - 4/27/2020 - 2

What should you do when you notice your doctor is distracted? A primary care doctor provides tips to help them get back on track.

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A Fatal Medical Error: Lack of Care or Lack of Caring?

Margaret Cary, MD, MBA, MPH - 11/4/2019 - 4

A family doctor relates the sad story of a fatal medical error that killed her friend Bob and ended up influencing her work for years to come.

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