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U.S. Doctors Spend Too Much Time Getting Sued

The average physician spends 1,548 sleepless nights due to malpractice claims.

Automating Clinical Processes to Improve Value in Healthcare

The mid-cycle occurs is where revenue cycle meets clinical interactions and patient access.
assistance dog

The Benefit of Adding a Dog to Your Healthcare Practice

Assistance dogs are a powerful medicine that extends healthcare beyond hospitals walls.
doctor using iphone (from Medscape video)

Medscape Consult Crowdsources Clinical Insights

Medscape, a popular source of medical news and information for many hundreds of thousands of physicians globally, just released a new mobile first platform, called Medscape Consult.™
OpenNotes (from their website)

Are Your Doctor’s Notes OpenNotes?

The success of these early experiments with OpenNotes has spawned a movement to enable patients to easily read notes written about their care, and to bring more transparency to medical records.
Eric Topol, MD, author of The Patient Will See You Now

Democratizing Medicine

Watch this fascinating conversation between Pat Salber MD (@docweighsin) and digital health guru Eric Topol MD, about democratizing medicine.
Superdoctor (123RF)

Should Your Next Doctor Be a Super-Generalist?

More than ever, we need physicians who understand how different systems interact with each other. Perhaps the answer is a super-generalist.
(Women in Leadership Photo credit: Medscape)

How Women in Medicine View Leadership

Have we come a long way, baby? When it comes to women in medicine, the answer is yes, no, and maybe.
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12 Steps to Emotionally Intelligent Healthcare

Delivering emotionally intelligent healthcare can make a big difference in patients' satisfaction & outcomes.
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How to Streamline the PCP Office Visit

CEO Ray Costantini joins Pat Salber (@docweighsin) in a video discussion of Bright.md, a company that hopes to streamline the PCP office visit.

Is Your Doctor Emotionally Intelligent?

Is your doctor emotionally intelligent (EI)? What's the difference between a low and a high EI doctor? Dr. Margaret Cary explains.

Worried about ICD-10? Here’s Help and It’s Free

Premed Parth Desai developed ICD-10 Charts to help his dad's small internal medicine practice transition from ICD-9 to 10. Now, he's giving it away for free.