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Coaching Physicians: Welcome to the Republic of Medicine

How do you increase physician engagement and reduce burnout? Executive coaching is a burgeoning area in healthcare as we move from cottage industry to evidence-based, interconnected healthcare, with patients and professionals working together.

Aledade: Helping Doctors Get Back in Control of Healthcare

Aledade CEO Farzad Mostashari joins Pat Salber(@docweighsin) to talk about what the company has accomplished since launch less than a year ago.
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Overcoming Physician Burnout, A Step-by-Step Guide

Dike Drummond's new book, subtitled What to Do When Working Harder Isn't Working, helps doctors overcome burnout, build an ideal practice & a balanced life.
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Criticism or Compassion? Responding to Stressed Out Physicians

Dr. Starla Fitch suggests modeling behavior of the Babemba tribe in South Africa by responding to stressed-out physicians with compassion instead of criticism.
6 Key Areas for Successful Physician Partnerships

Develop a Coaching Culture

What might you do to develop a coaching culture in your office, in your organization?
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Idaho, the Best State to Practice Medicine!

Physicians Practice released its list of the best states to practice for 2012. The list ranks locations based on Malpractice frequency, cost of living, reimbursements, and other physician related-criteria. Guess what state won.
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Importance of Appreciation as a Valuable Leadership Skill

Everyone wants to be appreciated and, in fact, appreciation engages employees and leads to a better work product.
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Putting the Mouth Back into the Body

Unless you get a mouth cancer of some sort, oral health pretty much belongs to the dentists and the dentists are not really connected (or considered by most doctors to be a part of) your medical care.
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Hamster Medicine

I am not blogging on veterinary medicine. Rather, hamster medicine refers to the current practice of primary care in America No, I