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Prevent Losing Your Patients by Focusing on These 4 Areas

Nick Hernandez, MBA, FACHE - 6/9/2017 - 1

Here are four areas practices should be attentive of in order to prevent losing current patients.

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How Competitive Analysis Can Help You Grow Your Medical Practice

Nick Hernandez, MBA, FACHE - 4/29/2017 - 0

Medical practices facing competitive threats need to do an objective competitive analysis, including seeking perspectives from experienced professionals.

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7 Reasons to Create Physician Partnerships

Nick Hernandez, MBA, FACHE - 4/15/2017 - 0

Although your practice may be doing fine now, there may come a point where bringing in a partner could make sense, particularly if he or she has skills and experience that complement yours, and can assist with achieving the growth and health of your practice.

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Be a Physician Entrepreneur and Succeed the Right Way

Nick Hernandez, MBA, FACHE - 3/25/2017 - 2

Entrepreneurial physician leaders must be innovators, taking charge and continuously scanning the outside environment for new and fresh ideas.

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6 Key Areas for Successful Physician Partnerships

Nick Hernandez, MBA, FACHE - 3/4/2017 - 0

Undertaking physician partnerships should not be rushed or taken lightly. They require much pre-planning, careful structuring, and a whole lot of continued communication in order for them to be successful.

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Why Strategic Planning is a Must for Medical Practices

Nick Hernandez, MBA, FACHE - 2/18/2017 - 0

Strategic planning, when treated as a work in progress rather than as a binder on a shelf can provide a medical practice with a real and lasting competitive advantage.

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What Do Patients Really Want?

Nick Hernandez, MBA, FACHE - 2/6/2017 - 1

Patients certainly want quality care, but they also want hospitality. We don’t know how healthcare reform will shake out, but we do know that putting patients first is the best strategy.

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A Journey from Volume to Value-based Care

Michael Renzi, DO, FACP - 11/27/2016 - 0

If you are thinking about applying for a value-based incentive program, you will want to ask yourself some key questions first.

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