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Healthy Life Extended by Eight Years in a Landmark Study

We know we can extend healthy life using readily available medications and a team-based, systematic approach. But, do we have the will to do it?

How to Optimize the Treatment of Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease that is manageable through medications and by eliminating or avoiding triggers (e.g., allergens, poor indoor air quality).
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Why Innovative Employers Invest in Worksite Healthcare

Worksite healthcare can help employees be healthier, more productive, and are more present on the job. It can also help lower healthcare costs.

Can Effective Healthcare IT Reduce Hospital Costs?

Five ways health IT can be used to improve care and avoid hospitalizations.
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Heart Disease, Obesity, and the Myth of Personal Responsibility

It's time to abandon the notion that "personal responsibility" is the solution to every health problem so that the hard work of affecting cultural change can be taken up in earnest.

5 Key Strategies to Improve Rural Healthcare Viability

Rural Americans have fewer healthcare options as the number of hospitals decreases and specialists stay in the cities. Here are 5 strategies to improve rural healthcare.

America Has a Rural Healthcare Crisis – Technology Can Help

Can technology provide a remedy for the dismal state of rural healthcare in America? If not, what else can be done? Irv Lichtenwald outlines the issues.

Double Whammy: When Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Collide

Clinicians must recognize when mental illness and substance abuse occur together in order to offer more effective treatment.

Drugs, Falls, & Fractures: A Missed Opportunity in Osteoporosis

Not only are we failing to reduce overall use of drugs associated with fractures, but only a fraction of people who are eligible for prescriptions for bone strengthening drugs are getting them.

5 Tips to Succeed in Population Health Management

Simply purchasing a population health management (PHM) solution doesn’t check the box for success. The shift from volume to value requires a new way of working and thinking.

What Does the Healthcare C-Suite Say about Population Health?

Dr. Patricia Salber explains what results were found from the 2016 Midas+ Executive Insight Poll.
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Are We Ready for Data-driven Healthcare?

Although care driven by healthcare analytics can be beneficial, our IT infrastructure, EHRs in particular, are not fully ready to support this transition