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The Joy of Revenge

No sooner did the Navy Seals depart from Bin Laden’s compound, the argument about our reaction to the spectacular operation that resulted in killing...
morality of war

The Economic Imperative of a Moral World

A moral world is an economic imperative. Wars are sometimes necessary (for example, WWII), but the fact remains that wars are ruinous to the economy.
Republican healthcare policies

Science and Politics: A Guide to the Perplexed

Science is central to our national well-being; with the emergence of the threats of global climate change, as well as the "old" threats of environmental degradation and inadequate healthcare, it assumed existential importance to the whole human race.

An Exotic Epidemic: When Science and Politics Collide

In the interest of telling the unvarnished truth, here are a couple of examples of the effect of globalization and global warming on health.
brain on fire (123RF)

Your Brain on Politics

Dr. Dov Michaeli shares his thoughts on an Op-Ed article in the New York Times titled, "This is Your Brain on Politics."
Brain with different color right & left hemisphere graphic (692 x 692 px)

The Psychology and Neuroscience of Hypocrisy

Saying one thing and then doing another is a result of your weakness. But doing one thing and then saying another, this is no weakness but willful hypocrisy.
Illegal immigration

Who is Afraid of Immigration?

Did you know that an inordinate number of technology and biotechnology companies were founded and are run by foreign-born scientists who came to the U.S. as students?

Are Republicans and Democrats Made or Born?

Dov Michaeli explores the biology of political persuasion. Here is what science tells us about whether Republicans and Democrats are made or born.
Freedom Caucus & ACHA

There is a Lot to Like about Arnold’s Health Reform Proposal

First of all, it mandates that everyone must have health insurance. That is the approach most likely to get us to universal coverage.
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Walking the Fine Line Between Free Choice and Mandates

When it comes to lifestyle decisions, do we really have free choice? And, since your choice may be bad for me, then whose choice trumps whose?