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chronic condition management (putting puzzle pieces together)

The MedsEngine: Chronic Condition Management Takes a Leap

Brian Klepper Ph.D. and John Rodis, M.D. - 3/7/2021 - 0

The MedsEngine is one of the first of the new digital tools that facilitates far more effective chronic condition management

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American flag and prescription bottle with dollars (Medicare coverage gap) 800 x 600

The Medicare Coverage Gap: What Will the Donut Hole Look Like in 2021?

Lindsay M Engle - 1/18/2021 - 6

The Medicare coverage gap is present in most Medicare plans,but it’s been getting smaller in recent years. Here’s what to expect in 2021.

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woman's hand reaching for spilled pills opioids-infertility

Opioids and Infertility – What You and Your Doctor Should Know

David Adamson, M.D. - 1/12/2021 - 2

Many women of childbearing age are affected by use & misuse of opioids. The impact on fertility & infertility treatment should be considered.

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drub-rebates photo of a pharmacy

Drug Rebates: New Executive Order Only Addresses Part of the Problem

Steven R. Newmark, JD, MPA - 8/23/2020 - 0

Drug rebates often mean consumers pay more for drugs. Manufacturers raise list prices to cover PBM rebates. We pay a percent of list price.

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COVID-19 BTK inhibition

Exciting New Research on COVID-19: BTK Inhibition

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA - 6/7/2020 - 1

A small study of seriously ill COVID-19 patients administered acalabrutinib, a BTK inhibitor and repurposed lymphoma drug, showed very promising results.

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nanomedicine-nanoparticles graphic

The Promising Future of Nanomedicine and Nanoparticles

Chieh-Ju Lu, D.Phil - 3/8/2020 - 0

Nanomedicine and nanoparticles have the potential to revolutionize cancer therapeutics because they should be able to deliver the drug with more precision.

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American flag and prescription bottle with dollars (Medicare coverage gap) 800 x 600

Coronavirus Pandemic Requires Rejecting Pharma’s Business As Usual

Norbert Goldfield, MD - 3/5/2020 - 0

URGENT ACTION REQUIRED Dozens of lawmakers have called on the […]

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clinical trial participation microscope and test tubes

Five Reasons Why You Should Participate in Clinical Trials

Seth Ginsberg - 1/30/2020 - 2

There is an urgent and never-ending need for patient participation in clinical trials, Here are five reasons why you should consider volunteering for one.

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Healthy Life Extended by Eight Years in a Landmark Study

William H. Bestermann, Jr., MD - 8/12/2019 - 0

We know we can extend healthy life using readily available medications and a team-based, systematic approach. But, do we have the will to do it?

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Step Therapy: Why Fail First for Everyone is Not a Good Idea

Corey Greenblatt - 7/23/2019 - 0

Physicians may endorse step therapy for medical reasons but when it is used solely to save the system money, it can harm people with chronic illnesses.

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advances treatment cancer

Recent Advances in the Treatment of Cancer

Harvey Berger, MD - 6/18/2019 - 0

Cancer treatment has advanced significantly over the past few decades, due in large part to research performed by pharmaceutical companies. Learn about some of the medications ARIAD Pharmaceuticals has brought to the market and how they’ve impacted cancer treatment.

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Why Drug Discovery is So Hard and High Risk

Harvey Berger, MD - 6/13/2019 - 0

Getting a drug to market takes years of research and requires regulatory approval before it can be used to treat a disease. Learn about the process in this article.

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