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Genome sequencing. The deciphering of the DNA code, write the sequence of nucleotide bases. 1500 x 1000

Precision Medicine is Changing the Way We Think About Cancer

Rapid progress in precision medicine therapies for non-small cell lung cancer has paved the way for similar approaches for other types of cancer.
Three surgeons in masks (Adobe Stock Photos)

Reducing the Risk of Surgery One Patient at a Time

The Ready Surgery AI-Enhanced Risk Intelligence Platform was created by a digital health entrepreneur after her aunt's unexpected death from a surgical procedure.

Healthcare Cognitive Assistants Aren’t Just Thinking Anymore, They’re Doing

Cognitive Assistants (CAs), like IBM's Watson, provide ready access to relevant literature, lab results, medical images, historical details, and more to guide next steps in a patient’s care, but now some CAs, like Reflexion's VERA, are adding "doing" to the "thinking".

Why Health Literacy is the Ultimate Prescription

Just as clinicians are obliged to pursue continuing education, patients, too, need lifelong learning incorporated into their care.
Young man doing clinical tests for autoimmune diseases 1000 x 667

Autoimmune Disease in the Age of New Biology

Autoimmune disease has been divvied up into 100's of diseases. But with the dawn of personalized medicine, we may be ready to change our thinking.
Screen shot from Pat Salber's interview of Ran Goshen MD

A Utopian Way to Hyper-personalize Cancer Care

Eliaso's approach involves gathering all of the world's knowledge about the disease at hand to come up with novel hyper-personalized treatment recommendations.
Ralph Snyderman and Patricia Salber at PMWC15 (698 x 391 px)

My Conversation With The ‘Father of Personalized Medicine’

Although we are still early in the genomic revolution, Dr. Ralph Snyderman, the 'Father of Personalized Medicine,' says we already know enough to practice personalized predictive care right now

Sperm Counts at Home? A Peek at the Trak

CEO Greg Sommer says Sandstone Diagnostics invented the device to allow men to do sperm counts at home thus lowering the barriers to getting the test.
George Lundberg

CollabRx: Applied Oncogenomics for Doctors & Patients

According to George, his company "deals with molecular changes in cancers and tries to help doctors [find] the best targeted therapies for patients with advanced cancers or cancers that are capable of becoming advanced cancers."
Genia Technologies

Genia Technologies: A Game-Changer in DNA Sequencing

Smaller, lower cost units will allow DNA sequencing to be decentralized and democratized, making it affordable for patients everywhere.
Amir Dan Rubin

A Conversation with Amir Dan Rubin, CEO of Stanford Health Care

Pat Salber (@docweighsin) interviews Amir Dan Rubin about how Stanford Health Care is seeking to heal humanity through science and compassion, one patient at a time.
Harry Renolds_IBM

Harry Reynolds, IBM: What Makes a Good Healthcare App?

Per Harry Reynolds of IBM, a good healthcare app treats me as me and not just as a patient or member of a health insurance plan.