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Patient safety and preventable medical errors

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Learning Non-Technical Skills Might Save a Patient’s Life

NOTSS is a program to train surgical residents and more senior physicians in the non-technical skills that optimize surgical performance and help to avoid medical errors.
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The Best Ways To Treat Back Pain Without Drugs

A variety of non-drug treatments, ranging from massage & physical therapy to low-level laser therapy, have been found to provide relief from chronic pain.
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Tips to Help Doctors Deal with Opioid Requests and Avoid Malpractice...

Here are some tips to help doctors deal with opioid requests and prescriptions.
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A Partnership to Improve the Safety of Diagnosis in Medicine

The Society for the Safety to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine is the only organization that focuses solely on improving quality and safety of medical diagnoses.
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The Epidemic of Diagnostic Errors is Putting Lives at Risk

The misdiagnosis rate in the U.S. is too big to be ignored. According to a study, patients who get a second opinion at the Mayo Clinic get their diagnoses completely changed or redefined 88% of the time. We need to take steps to ensure patients have access to top-quality second opinions.
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Why It’s Essential for Women to Care for Their Eyes

April is Women's Eye Health Month. Here are some tips for awareness, prevention, and screening of common ocular issues in women.
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How to Provide Culturally Competent Care

Things physicians can do to acquire and maintain skills in order to provide culturally responsive and appropriate care to the increasingly diverse population of patients in the United States.
New Resource for Food Allergy Sufferers

An Important New Resource for Food Allergy Sufferers

Food allergies are a growing food safety and public health concern, and more precise data are required to unravel all of the scientific & quality-of-life issues surrounding food allergies. AAFA's new Food Allergy Patient & Family Registry will help do just that.
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Effective Treatment Planning: Where is the Outcomes Data?

One of the crucial things missing within the substance abuse treatment space is longitudinal outcomes data that documents the success or failure of a given treatment plan for a given person. Such data could be used improve individual patient outcomes and advance the field.

A Communication Failure Between Pharmacists and Doctors

Doctors and pharmacists are still using phones and faxes to communicate. Here is one pharmacist's vision of how to bring the conversation into the 21st century.
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Practical Solutions to our Misaligned Care Problem (Part 1)

The current payment model for pharmacy does not align with quality care and needs to be replaced with a model that rewards patient-centered care.

Why the U.S. Healthcare System Keeps Failing Patients

A pharmacist shares his views on how our healthcare system fails patients because doctors and pharmacists all too often practice in separate and distinct silos.