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female doctor leaning about diagnostic errors

Diagnostic Errors Are More Common Than You Think

Norm Wu - 4/6/2021 - 3

Diagnostic mistakes are an under-appreciated source of patient safety errors, yet most of us will experience one in our lifetime.

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non-technical skills-for surgeons

Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons Can Be Life Savers

Margaret Cary, MD, MBA, MPH - 12/3/2020 - 4

Surgeons should hone their non-technical skills (communication, teamwork, leadership) as they are key elements of patient safety.

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wound care senior man with home care assistant

Chronic Wounds: How Self-care Can Help Speed Healing

Jeffrey Nelson, Ph.D. - 9/20/2020 - 0

Optimal self-care for patients with chronic wounds includes dressing changes, good nutrition, and recognizing warning signs of infection.

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medical interpretation and translation doctor uses medical interpreter at bedside

Why Medical Translation and Medical Interpretation Services are Key in Quality Healthcare

Mark Blackwood - 7/9/2020 - 0

All industries need translators and interpreters who are trained in […]

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telehealth atrial fibrillation

Telehealth Project to Help Atrial Fibrillation Patients During COVID Crisis

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA - 4/23/2020 - 1

A telehealth project to improve treatment for patients at highest risk for stroke has been launched by PPAHS and supported by a BMS-Pfizer Alliance Grant

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A Fatal Medical Error: Lack of Care or Lack of Caring?

Margaret Cary, MD, MBA, MPH - 11/4/2019 - 4

A family doctor relates the sad story of a fatal medical error that killed her friend Bob and ended up influencing her work for years to come.

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How Technology is Changing Nursing Practice for the Better

Elaine Francis, RGN - 5/21/2019 - 1

Technology is changing nursing practice, making it easier to acquire patient data. One possible benefit: nurses may be freed up for more time with patients.

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fetal heart rate monitoring patient safety 2000 x 1335

Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring Training is Crucial to Patient Safety

Mark Simon, M.D., CMO - 3/31/2019 - 0

Routine, rigorous fetal heart rate monitoring training is key to ensuring good outcomes for moms and babies during labor and delivery.

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ICU vital signs monitor 1500 x 844

Early Diagnosis of Sepsis is the Key to Saving Lives

Michael Wong, JD - 2/14/2019 - 1

A doctor describes his personal experience of surviving sepsis. He is now a passionate advocate of early diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

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airplane landing at sunset 1500 x 843

The Promise of Failure Analysis in Healthcare

Brian Baker - 10/18/2018 - 0

The makers of Learjet collect data & program what is learned about critical system failures in order to improve flight safety. Healthcare should do the same.

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doctor using iphone (from Medscape video)

When Digital Devices Distract Doctors, Mistakes Can Happen

Shelley Rizzo, RN, MSN, CLNC, CPHRM, CPPS - 10/3/2018 - 4

Digital distraction is emerging as a threat to patient safety & physician well-being. Patient care is a high-risk activity that requires undivided attention.

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Pensive female doctor 1500 x 996

The Moral Dilemma of Learning Medicine from the Poor

Rachel Pearson, MD, PhD - 9/8/2018 - 3

Student-run clinics provide healthcare to the poor, but also provide opportunities for students to practice their skills on people with no other options.

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