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Listen to Your Patients – They’re Telling You the Diagnosis!

Danny Sands, MD, MPH - 4/4/2020 - 0

Individuals and their caregivers are the greatest untapped sources of information, knowledge, and motivation

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The Value of Transparency in Payer-Provider Relationships

David Gregg, M.D. - 9/20/2019 - 0

Doctors, patients, and insurers can all benefit from improved transparency in payer-provider relationships in areas ranging from costs to care management.

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Re-Shaping Patient Engagement in a Multicultural World

Abner Mason - 9/8/2019 - 0

An increasing multicultural divide between patients and the healthcare workforce can impede patient engagement and may lead to poor outcomes and higher costs.

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Innovative Health Technologies Are Improving Care for Heart Disease

Campbell Rogers, M.D., F.A.C.C. - 9/4/2019 - 0

Health technologies that improve clinical care & support patient engagement will reinvigorate efforts to improve outcomes. Here are some that lead the pack.

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How Technology is Changing Nursing Practice for the Better

Elaine Francis, RGN - 5/21/2019 - 1

Technology is changing nursing practice, making it easier to acquire patient data. One possible benefit: nurses may be freed up for more time with patients.

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How to Improve Patient Retention in Virtual Care

Philip Marshall, MD, MPH - 2/15/2019 - 0

Patient retention is a challenge in all of healthcare but is particularly difficult in virtual care. Here are 6 key factors that can make a difference.

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Patient Centricity: Better Solutions For (and With) Patients

Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA - 12/11/2018 - 0

Patient centricity is the act of designing a service|solution around patients. More & more companies are doing this, but there is still a long way to go.

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Getting Your Doctor to Really See You

Michael Millenson - 11/5/2018 - 1

Is your doctor overwhelmed by patients and other clinical duties? Here are some things you, as a patient, can do get your doctor to truly engage with you as a person.

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The Powerful Benefits of Digital Self-Efficacy Support

Neal Kaufman MD, MPH - 9/5/2018 - 0

Research shows that Canary Health’s Digital Self-Efficacy Support program, Better Choices, Better Health, improves lives and reduces costs.

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Here’s An App To Help Prepare For Joint Replacement Surgery

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA - 5/15/2018 - 0

Interview with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Frisch: In the past, people did little to prepare for joint replacement surgery other than having an appointment with their surgeon. Now there is a comprehensive app from PeerWell that offers both a pre-hab (pre-op preparation) as well as a post-op rehabilitation home program.

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How to Get the Most of Your Medical Consultation

Ala’a Alkhatib - 5/4/2018 - 3

Getting the most out a medical consultation is crucial because getting an appointment with a doctor is not always easy and it can be costly. Here are some tips to ensure that you are able to convey your problems to the doctor within the time allotted to you without missing out on any important points.

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Smiling happy old patient visit doctor

Patients Need Personalized, Not Generic, Health Advice

Allison Hart - 1/14/2018 - 0

A new survey shows that patients with chronic conditions often feel the information they receive from their healthcare team is too generic and therefore not as useful as it could be.

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