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Healthcare Consumerism: What Does It Really Look Like?

Today’s healthcare consumers have more skin in the game as well as more opportunities to research their options, evaluate their providers & decide where they want to receive care. They don’t expect customer service alone, they demand a personalized, transparent, & unrivaled experience.
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How Doctors Can Create a Sustainable Culture of Health

In order to help patients implement consistently healthy strategies, doctors must increase the number of touchpoints with them outside of office visits.
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Prevent Losing Your Patients by Focusing on These 4 Areas

Here are four areas practices should be attentive of in order to prevent losing current patients.
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Nursing is One of America’s Most Dangerous Jobs

A recent report called nursing one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Here are some of the reasons why and tips on what you can do to make their lives better.

My Vision of Ideal Healthcare System

Abhinav Shashank shares with us his idea of an ideal healthcare system.

6 Considerations When Envisioning a Digital Health Advisor

Dr. Eric Schneider and colleagues are proposing the many ways in which a digital health advisor (DHA) might be helpful.
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Doctor-Patient Communication is Key to Patient-Centered Care

Effective doctor-patient communication recognizes the doctor's need to know and the patient's need to be understood.
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What the Words Patient Engagement Really Mean

Today’s consumer has an amazing array of options. Whether paying bills, making travel arrangements, accessing entertainment, or seeking health information people want, nay demand, a great user experience. Fail to deliver, and they’ll find an alternative.
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The Rheumatologist’s Rant – A Most Obnoxious Doctor

As far as I can tell, this guy could compete for the prize of "Most Obnoxious Doctor" from the Society for Participatory Medicine - if only they had such a prize
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MHealth, Technology, and the Invisible Patients

Something critical was missing from a panel on mHealth at the 2012 mHealth Summit: patients! They must be engaged in the design of apps from the earliest stages.

Physician Leadership Development

by Margaret (Maggi) Cary I’m designing a client-specific physician leadership development workshop for creating high performance care teams and so I’m revisiting leadership literature. I...
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ER Discharge Instructions: Are they Good Enough?

Good discharge instructions may mean the difference between a good outcome and one that is not so good, but how often do patients get them in busy ERs?