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Does Running Actually Cause Knee Osteoarthritis?

All of that pounding from recreational running must be bad on our knees, but science suggests otherwise. What then is the cause of osteoarthritis?

Girls Suffer Concussions at a Higher Rate Than Boys, Study Reveals

A study presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) showed that although the total participation rate for the 9 sports studied only increased 1.04 fold, the number of diagnosed concussions increased 2.2 fold over a 10-year period.
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Hot off the Press: What’s New in Orthopedics?

Here are the headlines coming out of the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedics being held in San Diego March 14-18, 2017.

What Really Works to Reduce Osteoarthritis Pain in the Knee?

Losing weight and exercising are the best medicine for pain due to knee osteoarthritis, the problem is both are hard to do. Community-based programs are being developed (and studied) to see what works best.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome May Not Be the Cause of Your Wrist...

The good thing about carpal tunnel syndrome is that it can be easily treated when caught early enough. But when symptoms have drawn on for months and years, then the chances of full recovery is not assured. This is not a diagnosis to ignore.

Joint Replacement Bundled Payments May Be Risky for Patients

CMS bundled payments for joint replacements are designed to reign in costs, but what's not in the bundle could pose patient safety risks.

Got Knee Problems? Help May Be Up Your Nose

Because cartilage doesn't repair itself, it has been difficult to treat conditions where it has worn out. New research has found that help for this problem may be found in the nose.

What Happened When I Fell and Broke My Shoulder

After I fell and fractured my shoulder, I learned that there are many issues to consider in addition to the fall and the fracture.
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One Tough Year in My Life with Sacral Agenesis

After 4 surgeries in 7 months complicated by infections, Julie Hemker, born with sacral agenesis, needs a break to focus on herself, rest, and get better.
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My Life with Sacral Agenesis: Love and Marriage

For some, there may be a perception that if you have medical issues, limitations and so forth, you are less of a person or not worthy of love.

How Two Surgeries in One Week Challenged My Optimism

Being a "pro" at having major surgery (more than forty in her forty years), Julie Hemker found that two surgeries in one week was a major challenge to her usual optimism.

When Life With Sacral Agenesis Isn’t Fair: A Surgery Do-Over

When surgery for a fractured vertebrae had to be aborted, Julie Hemker, a veteran of more than 40 surgeries because of sacral agenesis, describes what it is like to face a do over.