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Thyroid Eye Disease: Who’s at Risk and Who’s on Call

Mark Scott Brown, M.D. - 3/17/2021 - 0

Although thyroid eye disease (TED) is related to thyroid conditions, it requires different specialists to best treat the disorder.

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poor vision senior falls eye exam

Poor Vision and Senior Falls: An Ophthalmologist’s Perspective

Mark Ruchman M.D. - 11/25/2020 - 0

Aging is associated with increased risk of poor vision. It, in turn, increases risk for senior falls. Vigilance is needed to prevent both.

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Dealing with a Rare Eye Disease in the Midst of COVID19

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA - 8/26/2020 - 6

After being diagnosed with a rare eye disease, a doctor learns the best treatment is immunosuppression-a risky choice in the midst of COVID19

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child getting eye exam slit lamp

Why You Should Have Regular Eye Exams

Howard Purcell, OD, FAAO - 5/24/2020 - 23

Comprehensive eye exams do more than check if you need new glasses. They also include tests for eye diseases. And, they may detect some chronic diseases.

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Elderly woman with eyeglasses closeup 2000 x 1333

Why Cataract Surgery Can Reduce Falls in Seniors

Daniel H. Chang, MD - 5/2/2020 - 2

Falling related to bifocal glasses is a significant danger to seniors and something that can be easily corrected with cataract surgery.

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causes of blindness

Do You Know the 3 Main Causes of Blindness in the U.S.?

Andrea Tooley, MD - 1/14/2020 - 1

Many people think vision loss is just a normal part of aging but it doesn’t have to be. There are many steps you can take to reduce your risk of blindness.

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Vision loss & blindness, glasses clear up vision chart

Vision Correction: Risks and Benefits

Noah Rue - 1/3/2018 - 8

Whatever your eye problems, you should be aware of the options to correct them including glasses, contacts, or surgery.

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How to Avoid Eye Injuries During Summer Sports

Robert Pretli, OD - 8/13/2017 - 0

Helpful tips to protect your family’s eyes from common eye injuries and the sun’s harmful UV rays while still enjoying the summer sports season.

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The Aging Eye: How to Protect Your Vision

Adrian Cordiner - 1/28/2017 - 0

Early intervention in eye disease can reduce age-related vision loss. Eye tests also provide doctors with information about brain health & cognitive functioning.

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