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The Role of Diet, Stress, and Exercise Play In Belly Fat...

Storage is by far the most visible aspect of fat, but it actually has diverse functions as part of the endocrine system that regulates everything in the body.

Obese doctors less likely talk about obesity with patients

A study shows that obese doctors were significantly less likely than their normal weight counterparts to discuss weight loss with their obese patients.
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SMART: An Oral Device to Help You Eat Less

SMART is a plastic insert that reduces your oral capacity so you have to take smaller bites and chew your food more thoroughly.
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The Top 10 Diet Plans: Rankings Courtesy of U.S. News &...

US News & World Report reviews the literature and ranks the Top Ten diets for 2012.

Why Are Diets Such a Struggle?

Research shows that the manipulation of macronutrient composition (fats or carbohydrates) does not seem to have significant effects on weight loss in the long run.

Weight Loss: Why is it an Endless Battle?

We have made great strides in understanding the root causes of the obesity epidemic that is sweeping the whole world. Basically, our metabolism is...
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Line It and Lose – a New Approach to Weight Loss

EndoBarrier, a duodenal-jejunal bypass liner is a new arrow in the weight loss and Type 2 Diabetes management quiver.

What State Has the Highest Rate of Obesity in the Land?

In 2011, for the 7th year in a row, Mississippi was named the Fattest State in the Land weighing in with an obesity rate of 34.4%.

What’s bugging you? It may be your gut.

By Dov Michaeli No, I am not talking about the metaphorical bugs the bug us. I am talking about the real ones, of the bacterial...
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Fat Teens Often Become Very Fat Adults

Healthcare costs are driven, in large part, by chronic illnesses, particularly diabetes and heart disease. Obesity is the fuel for that fire.
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Want to Lose Weight? Is It What or How Much You...

Well, it turns out that for many of us, the problem isn’t what we are eating, it is how much we are eating.
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The Cleveland Clinic Top 10 Medical Innovations of 2010

Here are the Top Ten innovations of 2010 from the Cleveland Clinic, sponsor of an annual Innovation Summit and one of the premier health organizations in the US