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Sculpsure, Coolsculpt, and the Rise of Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

More and more cosmetic procedures are being done without surgery. Non-invasive lipoplasty is leading the way.

The Benefits of Fasting – with Food!

The Fasting Mimicking Diet offers the potential to normalize fasting by reducing the psychological burden & physical demand while providing its many health benefits.

Send Your Calories to the Toilet with AspireAssist

Even though this weight-loss device has a pretty big ick factor, based on early studies it appears to work for some people and it is less invasive than gastric by-pass.
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Seniors: 5 Ways You Can Safely Boost Your Metabolism

Aging can slow your metabolism, but there are many things you can do to keep your body humming as the years go by. Here are five of them.

4 Reasons Why Water is the Best Beverage

Water should be your beverage of choice as it is calorie-free, readily available, and has many health benefits.

Why Antibiotics May Make You Fat

The overuse of antibiotics has been shown to reduce healthy microbe flora in the gut, leading to an increase in weight

How to Deliver Better Care for Obese Patients

Healthcare providers & facilities face risks if they are not prepared to accommodate obese patients, but there are ways to improve the patient's experience & mitigate risk.

4 Strategies to Conquer Sugar Addiction

Sugar is added to almost all processed foods, ranging from sodas to salad dressings. The harmful effects of added sugar warrant a concerted effort to reduce consumption of sugar-laden foods.

How Fat Made it Possible to Think

When we compare ourselves to other species, We all share a secret point of pride: we think, they don't! Thinking brains consume a lot more energy than simpler brains—a challenge we have more than met.

The Economic Impacts of Obesity in Mexico

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) altered the Mexican economy forever in 1994, but it also altered Mexican bodies by introducing processed, underpriced food products from the U.S.

A Promising Alternative to Bariatric Surgery

A recent study suggests a new endoscopic stapler procedure may offer an alternative for patients who are not candidates for bariatric surgery.
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Exercise Before Breakfast to Boost Its Benefit on Weight

Exercise before breakfast when there are low levels of insulin & blood sugar and facilitated mobilization is better for your weight.