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A Nurse’s Guide for Staying Healthy During Flu Season

Nurses are at risk of catching cold and flu bugs because of their close proximity to sick patients. Here are some tips for nurses to help reduce that risk.
A Nursing Error Led to My Son's Unexpected Death

A Nursing Error Led to My Son’s Unexpected Death

How the unmonitored use of patient-controlled analgesia and nursing errors led to the unexpected death of a mother's only child (and how it might have been prevented).
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Nursing is One of America’s Most Dangerous Jobs

A recent report called nursing one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Here are some of the reasons why and tips on what you can do to make their lives better.
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Good Communication and Results Should Drive Provider Choice

If communication fosters a strong relationship and yields results that satisfy patients, it shouldn't matter if the provider is male, female, doctor or nurse.
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Smartphones in Stupid Hands – A New Way to Abuse the...

Social media abuses in nursing homes have escalated to the point that the federal government has announced a crackdown.
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Guidelines for Safe Use of Social Media in Healthcare

A culture of vigilance when it comes to protecting patient privacy can HIPAA violations related to social media.
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The Safest Way to Monitor Post-Surgical Patients

This is the concluding article in my series on respiratory dysfunction in post-surgical patients.
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Continuously Monitoring Low-Acuity Patients Improves Safety

Vanderbilt University Medical Center demonstrates that continually monitoring low-acuity patients, like we do with ICU patients, can improve patient safety.
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Are Full Practice Authority NPs an Answer to the PCP Shortage?

California could save at least $1.8 billion over ten years if full practice authority NPs were allowed. Outmoded scope of practice laws need to be reformed.
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Hospital Staff Posts Photos of Fatally Injured Man on Facebook

An employee of the hospital reported that the staff took photos of a fatally injured man and posted them on Facebook instead of focusing on treating him. What on earth were they thinking?