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Why Are You Ticklish? It’s In Your Brain

The complex wiring in the brain that mediates ticklishness is well described, but why did ticklishness survive when natural selection usually eliminates useless or deleterious traits?
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Studies Reveal How “Super-agers” Retain Young Memories

If you want to maintain your cognitive function, it takes more than brain games. You must activate many brain areas with seriously hard mental work.
Arshya Vahabzadeh talks at Exponential Medicine

3 Key Factors to Reducing the Severity of the Mental Health...

Mental health is a global health crisis, but there are 3 key ways to tackle this, according to Arshya Vahabzadeh, MD, Harvard Medical School faculty of psychiatry.
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Are Humans Programmed to Be Violent?

Violence is deeply rooted in our genes, but we have tools to overcome our genetic imperative—societal order, morals, ethics, police, and a judicial system.
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What’s Going on Inside the Brains of Trump Supporters Redux

In light of the recent developments in the 2016 Presidential campaign, Dov Michaeli revisits his discussion of confirmation bias and Trump supporters.

Can a Schizophrenia Simulator Explain Imbalances in the Brain?

Scientists and engineers collaborated to build a schizophrenia simulator that can be used to test potential therapies as well as theories about causes of the disorder.

What Do Women Really Want When It Comes to Men?

What does science have to say about what women want when it comes to men? It turns out, it says a lot, but also very little. Dov Michaeli examines the evolutionary psychology and physiologic evidence.

How Fat Made it Possible to Think

When we compare ourselves to other species, We all share a secret point of pride: we think, they don't! Thinking brains consume a lot more energy than simpler brains—a challenge we have more than met.
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Do You Know Why Dancing Makes You Feel Happy?

Music and dance, like language, are forms of communication that are deeply embedded in our brains. They make us feel happy and serve as a glue to our social bonding.