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How Mindfulness Changes Your Brain

Mindfulness has a solid neuronal basis and there is increasing evidence of its salutary effect on emotional health and behavior.
May praying

Praying for the Sick? Does It Work?

Researchers studied the impact of intercessory prayer on recovery from heart attack—the results may surprise you.

What Happens When Mindfulness Meets Tech?

Mindful eating, on the other hand, is an approach that involves choosing to eat food that both satisfies and nourishes. It also means learning to eat when you are actually hungry and stopping when you are full.
shoebill stork health benefits of birding

The Health Benefits of Birding

Although research on the health benefits of birding are missing, mindfulness, joy, smiling, and disconnecting from tech are all known to be good for you.
yoga back pain

Chronic Back Pain your Problem? Try Yoga

A well done, peer-reviewed study documents that yoga is safe and effective for chronic back pain. It can also be accessed by back pain sufferers on their own, no prescription needed.
raisin mindfulness exercise

Get in Touch with Your Feelings…About Raisins

A new book, Soul-Full Eatng, wants to help us eat more mindfully. The raisin mindfulness exercise is a good example.