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How to Counter Emotional Eating with Mindfulness

Research has shown that the Buddhist practice of mindfulness helps transform food from an escape into a pleasure.
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These 8 Life-Changing Tips Will Help You Age Well

The author of I've Decided to Live 120 Years shares his life-changing tips on how to feel content and fulfilled until the last moments of your life.
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The Key to Happiness: Think with Your Senses, Feel with Your...

By noticing what you sense organically, you can expand your brain and focus your mind. Sensual thinking is being in step with timing, purpose, and love. It's a good choice!
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The Science of Mind-Body Therapy for Pain

Research shows that a mind-body approach to chronic pain can result in a decrease in pain similar to what one might find with opioids.
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How to Correct 10 Common Mistakes People Make in Yoga

More people are attracted to the health benefits yoga can bring. Here are some standard pitfalls that are not tough to pinpoint and easy to avoid.

Mindfulness Can Be a Powerful Tool for People with IPF

Many people living with a chronic lung disease, like IPF, experience frustration and anxiety. A new resource is now available to help them incorporate mindfulness into their self-care.

The Post-Traumatic Stress of Suicide Survivors

Losing a loved one to suicide is a serious trauma that can result in post-traumatic stress disorder. Alternative therapies for PTSD, including self-help approaches, are gaining attention as researchers and practitioners look beyond conventional treatments.
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Is Electric Shock Better Than Being Alone With Your Thoughts

When left alone with their thoughts, participants in an experiment preferred an electric shock rather than think of nothing.
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Radical Remission from Cancer: 9 Keys to Healing

Kelly Turner's book, Radical Remission, highlights healing tactics used by unexpected survivors of advanced cancers.
the future of psychiatry arshya vahabzadeh

6 Trends That Reimagine Mental Health and Psychiatry

Arshya Vahabzadeh, MD presented his vision in the talk, The Future of Psychiatry, and discussed six new trends that will shape the way mental health is assessed and treated.
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How Mindfulness Changes Your Brain

Mindfulness has a solid neuronal basis and there is increasing evidence of its salutary effect on emotional health and behavior.
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Praying for the Sick? Does It Work?

Researchers studied the impact of intercessory prayer on recovery from heart attack—the results may surprise you.