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What We Can Learn About Ourselves from the Genome of Honeybees

A remarkable study of the genomics and behavior of honeybees has revealed important insights into human behavior and metabolism.
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What Science Has to Say About Intermittent Fasting

A common argument used by proponents of intermittent fasting is that it makes evolutionary sense because we evolved from hunter-gatherers who faced alternating periods of feast and famine.
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6 Metabolic Benefits of Strength Training For Women

Modern approaches to strength training tailored for women can result in significant metabolic benefits without bulking you up. Here's the evidence.

The Benefits of Fasting – with Food!

The Fasting Mimicking Diet offers the potential to normalize fasting by reducing the psychological burden & physical demand while providing its many health benefits.

Are Antioxidant Supplements Worth the Price?

Studies have suggested that antioxidant nutritional supplements are not only NOT beneficial, but they could also have adverse effects.
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Can Fewer Fat Cells Prevent Weight Gain?

Can fewer fat cells prevent weight gain? ...Unfortunately, the answer is no because the fat cells you do have can increase the volume of fat that is stored.

Is Turmeric a Miracle Supplement or Just a Spice?

Turmeric is the latest antioxidant health fad. Antioxidant supplements are not only useless, they can do harm.

Gluten Sensitivity: A Quick Guide

Gluten-induced autoimmune reaction is the cause of celiac disease. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity is probably caused by intolerance to carbohydrates.

Breakthrough: Insulin-producing Cells from Stem Cells

A major breakthrough has been made by generating massive amounts of insulin-producing beta cells from embryonic stem cells. Cure is close at hand.

Regenerative Medicine: Can We Regrow Damaged Organs?

The science of bioengineering has already delivered on its promise to fashion new organs, and much more is still to come.
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The Solution to the Autism Puzzle is Getting Tantalizingly Close

This is the first time that the mechanism behind the mysterious phenomenon of the ASD brain is unveiled. And without a mechanism, an identifiable target, drug development is a shot in the dark.
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Why Do Guys Sweat So Much?

Go to any gym and you are bound to see guys sweating profusely from every pore in their body. But, why is it that guys sweat more than women?