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Cosmetic Surgery Patient’s Leaked Identity Leads to Malpractice Claim

David B. Troxel, MD - 10/1/2017 - 2

A closed claim by a cosmetic surgery patient whose photo showed up in search results highlights the dangers of working with unfamiliar digital technology.

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Malpractice Claims Study is Helping Plastic Surgeons Get Better

David B. Troxel, MD - 9/1/2017 - 1

A recent closed claim study by a malpractice carrier helps plastic surgeons make changes that will improve patient safety and clinical outcomes.

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How to Provide Culturally Competent Care

Susan Shepard, MSN, MA, RN, CPHRM - 4/7/2017 - 1

Things physicians can do to acquire and maintain skills in order to provide culturally responsive and appropriate care to the increasingly diverse population of patients in the United States.

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What To Do When Patients Want To Record Their Doctor Visits

Richard Cahill, JD - 3/1/2017 - 9

“Doctor, can I record our conversation today?” Have you ever heard that question from a patient or a patient’s family member? What are the pros & cons of allowing those recordings in clinic or the operating room?

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Why Do Doctors Make Diagnosis Errors?

Howard Marcus, MD, FACP - 1/2/2017 - 4

Physicians fail to diagnose accurately for many reasons including biases and premature closure of the decision-making process.

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Why Internists Get Sued and What To Do About It

Robin Diamond, JD, RN and Julie Brightwell, JD, RN - 10/2/2016 - 1

A recent study of closed claims against Internists provides insight into what motivates patients to pursue lawsuits and the system failures that lead to patient harm.

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Why CANDOR is Important After Adverse Events in the Hospital

Robin Diamond, MSN, JD, RN - 9/1/2016 - 2

AHRQ’s CANDOR toolkit helps hospitals and physicians respond promptly and appropriately when an adverse event occurs.

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