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patient engagement

4 Ways You Can Improve Patient Engagement

David B. Troxel, MD and Robin Diamond, MSN, JD, RN - 9/9/2019 - 3

Patient engagement has emerged as a key component of reducing the likelihood of an adverse outcome – both clinical and medicolegal.

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Woman doctor in telemedicine mhealth concept 1500 x 1000

How to Mitigate the Risks of Remote Patient Monitoring

Susan Shepard, MSN, MA, RN, CPHRM - 12/7/2018 - 0

Despite many advantages, real-time remote patient monitoring has liability risks that must be addressed.to ensure safe & effective use of remote devices.

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YYoung woman holding notepad with #MeToo written on it 2000x 1335

How to Mitigate Risks of Sexual Harassment Allegations in Healthcare

Richard Cahill, JD - 8/1/2018 - 3

Given the risks, heightened awareness, and increased scrutiny, healthcare practitioners and facilities are strongly encouraged to develop and consistently enforce a policy of zero-tolerance policy of sexual harassment. They should also be sure they have adequate insurance coverage in case of a claim.

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Is It Safe to Store Protected Health Data in the Cloud

David McHale - 6/20/2018 - 1

Cloud storage can be a valuable asset to medical organizations but substantial due diligence must be performed before storing HiPAA-protected records with a vendor.

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YOung female doctor interviewing female patient 1500 x 1001

Actors and the Art of Better Patient Communication

Eric Barna, MD - 5/2/2018 - 1

Standardized patient encounters (using actors as simulated patients) are helping doctors learn how to improve their communication skills. Mt. Sinai’s Morchand Center for Clinical Competence has adapted an SP methodology for hospitalists to train more than 1,845 residents in various specialties across New York City.

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In Primary Care, Who Gets Sued and Why?

David B. Troxel, MD - 4/2/2018 - 0

Because nurse practitioners (NPs) are growing in importance as providers of primary care, The Doctors Company analyzed malpractice claims against NPs and compared them with primary care physicians to see if there were any differences in malpractice liability patterns. The study has important implications for primary care practices utilizing NPs.

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Judges Gavel And Medical Tools On Dollar Cash Background

An Expert’s Guide to Surviving Physician Lawsuits

Douglas McCullough, Esq. - 2/1/2018 - 0

Getting sued for medical malpractice is not only common, but it is also one of the most traumatic events of a physician’s career. The Doctor’s Company offers expert guidance on what to do if a claim is filed against you.

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doctor holding pill bottle in front of laptop

The Preventable Danger of Patient Identity Errors

Erin Benson - 1/18/2018 - 1

Patient identity mistakes are dangerous. It is why we urgently need a national patient identifier that is tied specifically to every single patient.

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The Impact of Poor Communication on Medical Errors

Michelle Swift, RN, JD, CPHRM - 12/5/2017 - 2

Communication failures are a contributing factor in 27% of medical malpractice claims. Eliminating them could reduce medical errors and patient injury.

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E-Prescribing: A Powerful Tool in the War Against Opioid Abuse

Paul Uhrig - 11/24/2017 - 0

Between 3% and 9% of drugs that are diverted for abuse are tied to fraud and forgery of paper prescriptions. This is a blind spot we can no longer live with.

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Physicians are At Risk When Patients Refuse to Listen

Robin Diamond, MSN, JD, RN - 11/1/2017 - 8

Treatment plans that include the kind of care patients need at home are becoming more common, but physicians face potential liability when patients refuse help that is offered or neglect to follow up as instructed.

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Female dentist with anesthesia mask 1280 x 966

Why Have Low Safety Standards for Dental Anesthesia?

Annie Kaplan, MD, Michael Wong, JD, and Patricia Salber, MD, MBA - 10/13/2017 - 4

The idea that dental anesthesia is somehow different than anesthesia for any other type of procedure is just not true. So why are safety standards lower?

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