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Evolution of the Hippocratic Oath and Medical Ethics

The oath that physicians take has changed a lot since the original 5th century BC Hippocratic Oath. What do these changes say about medical ethics today?
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Your Money or Your Life? The High Cost of Life-Saving Drugs

The high cost of life-saving drugs: There's something profoundly wrong with charging whatever the traffic will bear when the alternative is certain death.
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Medical Ethics and the Impact of Technology

Ethics have always been an integral part of healthcare. But modern technological advances have sometimes blurred the line between medical ethics and quality care.

The Ethics of Placebos in Clinical Trials

There are a growing number of medical professionals who consider the use of placebos unethical, especially when the efficacy of the treatment has already been proven. But those same placebos may end up providing information that could protect or save lives once the drug completes its clinical trials.

Monopolies on Medical Knowledge and Information are Unethical

Jonathan Bush predicts that healthcare organizations that try to defend their market position by locking down information won’t be able to keep pace with those who are opening up and reinventing themselves.

The Ethical Stain on U.S. Medical Care

The pervasiveness of inappropriate care is the U.S. medical system's biggest ethical stain. Alternatives, such as optimal medical management, are often ignored in favor of better paying surgical procedures.
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Does Religion Drive Moral Sensitivity?

What drives moral sensitivity: Science or Religion? A new study examines the question and the answer is surprising.
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What You Need to Know About Genomics and Personalized Medicine

Pat Salber (@docweighsin) chats with Peter Donnelly of Oxford about the implications of genomics for personalized medicine.
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The Best (and Worst) of #OzsInBox

Twitterverse has been going bonkers over the #OzsInBox tweet. It's has been lot's of fun for every one except, I expect, the good Doctor, his producers and his sponsers.

The Medtronic Infuse Scandal: Is the System Rigged?

An investigation into the use of Medtronic's Infuse device in spinal fusion surgery has uncovered a scandal that is bound to shake up the cozy relationship of device manufacturers and the orthopedic profession.

How Did Myriad Genetics Come to Own Our Genes?

A momentous event happened on June 13, 2001: The Supreme Court unanimously voided Myriad Genetics patent on the human genes BRCA1 and BRCA2.
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Why Did This Medical Board Protect a Very Bad Doctor?

A physician repeatedly crossed ethical boundaries by encouraging kickbacks, prescribing inappropriately, and billing fraudulently. Yet, he was able to maintain his license for years after the initial event.