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Health Insurance Reform Could Lead to Abandoned Patients

Health reform that leaves millions without coverage could lead to patient abandonment when patients cannot afford to get needed tests and treatments.
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Advance Directives Should Be Clinical, Not Legal Documents

The advantages of having an advance directive that is easily modifiable to reflect the changing wishes of a dying individual far outweighs the concerns of those who advocate for a legalistic approach.
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Scribes are the Fastest Growing Medical Field and Providers are Concerned

In spite of the increase in the number of scribes, there is little standardization in their training or clarification of their appropriate role within the EHR.

What To Do When Patients Want To Record Their Doctor Visits

“Doctor, can I record our conversation today?” Have you ever heard that question from a patient or a patient’s family member? What are the pros & cons of allowing those recordings in clinic or the operating room?

Why Do Doctors Make Diagnosis Errors?

Physicians fail to diagnose accurately for many reasons including biases and premature closure of the decision-making process.

Discussing Cost with Patients Before Treatment is a Win-Win

Discussing therapeutic uncertainties as well as financial commitment prior to treatment allows patients to make more informed decisions for care.

Why Internists Get Sued and What To Do About It

A recent study of closed claims against Internists provides insight into what motivates patients to pursue lawsuits and the system failures that lead to patient harm.

What’s Your Business Associate’s Commitment to HIPAA?

A detailed vetting process is a way to quantify the risk of sharing PHI with potential business associates, before entering into a potentially lengthy contract

Why CANDOR is Important After Adverse Events in the Hospital

AHRQ's CANDOR toolkit helps hospitals and physicians respond promptly and appropriately when an adverse event occurs.

From Surprise and Disappointment to Anger and a Lawsuit

It is very difficult to be objective when you are a party to an incipient lawsuit. Controlling the course of events prior to the onset of mutual hostility is key to avoiding malpractice actions.
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How to Make Hospital Medicine Safer and Avoid Lawsuits

To reduce risks for hospitalized patients, we need to understand where patients are vulnerable, what systems can fail, and whether there are areas where physicians have knowledge deficits.
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U.S. Doctors Spend Too Much Time Getting Sued

The average physician spends 1,548 sleepless nights due to malpractice claims.