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technologies cancer diagnosis treatment

Technologies That Will Transform Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

These new technologies won't cure cancer but they will improve diagnosis, treatment and the quality of life of people living with cancer.

Millennial Moms: Social Media Compulsion and ‘Oversharenting’

Many mIllennial moms have a social media compulsion often sharing many photos of their kids (oversharenting). We wondered how this affects their kids.
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Predicting and Preventing Infectious Diseases With IoT

IoT can also have significant benefits for communities and entire nations if used to control or monitor the spread of infectious diseases.
A.I. Cybersecurity doctor using tablet

How A.I. and Cybersecurity are Transforming Healthcare

While technological disruption may have gotten the healthcare industry into this mess, it could also be the very thing that delivers the industry from it.
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4 Ways IoT is Enhancing Modern Day Healthcare

The Internet of Things (IoT) not only has the power to be impactful in healthcare of the future, it is creating real change in the industry today.
5G enable IoT

Enabling the Internet of Things with 5G Technology

The current network is limited in bandwidth and reach; 5G technology will provide a solution to these problems enabling the IoT to catch up with the ideas.

Netiquette Essentials Gives You Tips for Online Etiquette

Netiquette Essentials is a quick read guide to internet manners that can help you become a better citizen of the Internet.

Cognified Care: A Transformation of Healthcare

The cognification of medicine—enabled by the internet, machine learning, artificial intelligence, sensors, and the Cloud—will disrupt our existing healthcare paradigm.
brain on fire (123RF)

Your Brain on Porn

Down-regulation of the reward system occurs when your brain is on porn. It is similar to what happens with addiction to drugs.
Brain with different color right & left hemisphere graphic (692 x 692 px)

Brain-to-Brain Communication (Telepathy?) For the First Time

Telepathy was in disrepute until the EEG and the Internet made brain-to-brain communication a reality.

Neura and The Internet of Things

Neura is a “layer of intelligence over the internet of things” whose goal is to make sense of the data coming out of these wearable devices.
Omada Health Team

Omada Health Takes the Diabetes Prevention Program Digital

Prevent, by Omada Health, combines the evidence-based approach of the original DPP with the convenience and efficiency of internet.