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How Will We Think About Food in the Future?

The 2017 Future Food-Tech Summit in New York prompted attendees to think of food in whole new ways: Food as Connection, Food as Medicine, and Food as Information.
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Is it the Dawning of the Age of AI in Medicine?

Is medicine (and the greater world) entering a new dawn of artificial intelligence and technology? If so, will these AI technologies only assist doctors or will they replace physician in some tasks?
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Be a Physician Entrepreneur and Succeed the Right Way

Entrepreneurial physician leaders must be innovators, taking charge and continuously scanning the outside environment for new and fresh ideas.
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Health Tech Highlights from CES 2017

The TDWI team went to the gargantuan annual tech show, Consumer Electronic Show (CES), in Las Vegas searching for interesting healthcare stories and products to tell you about. Enjoy!

My Vision of Ideal Healthcare System

Abhinav Shashank shares with us his idea of an ideal healthcare system.

All of the World’s Medical Knowledge at Doctors’ Fingertips

In the future, doctors will have access to the world’s medical information to make informed recommendations based on a specific person’s situation. How will this change what doctors do?

Imagine What 3D Printing Can Do For Medicine

The potential of 3D printing for the future of medicine is almost limitless. Who would have imagined that the technology that is being used to make little plastic things would one day be used in so many different ways to heal and/or replace parts of the human body?
Senior walking with StandUp Walker (1000 x 563)

Innovative Walker Helps Seniors Stand Up By Themselves

The StandUp Walker was designed by an engineer, Howard Liles, to help solve his grandmother's mobility problem. It is now winning awards.

The Wearable Tech Challenge: Philips Gets Into the Game

By setting up Connected Sensing Venture and running it like a startup, Philips hopes to demonstrate that it has the right chemistry to bring wearable technology into mainstream use.

Fear, Failures, and Phishing in Healthcare Technology

Healthcare technology is improving but not as fast as it should be. Experts speaking at HealthIMPACT say that we need to address the factors that are holding it back.

What You Will Want to Know about from Health 2.0

Health 2.0's 10th anniversary conference showcased health innovations that ranged from VR to pharma, apps to art, and more.

Banks Team with Healthcare IT for Innovative Solutions

Banks first revolutionized healthcare over 25 years ago...and it's time for them to step back into the spotlight.