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Is Blockchain the Key to Healthcare IT Interoperability?

The interoperability enabled by blockchain is particularly promising for its potential to transfer relevant patient data from one provider to another no matter the location or the providers’ particular EHR.

An Effective EHR Needs These 4 Elements

EHRs must have features that help physicians better manage patients and not just serve as documentation for billing.

Billion Dollar EHRs Might Bankrupt the U.S.

Healthcare EHRs offer a unique opportunity to help moderate costs and provide a host of clinical, organizational, and population health benefits by improving processes, but only if the systems don’t require mortgaging the future and putting the hospital in financial straits.

Netiquette Essentials Gives You Tips for Online Etiquette

Netiquette Essentials is a quick read guide to internet manners that can help you become a better citizen of the Internet.
Elderly woman using tablet 800 x 533(Photo credit: Dreamstime)

Build a Patient Portal the Right Way

Engaging patient portals can translate into time savings (and cost savings for providers), fewer visits, stronger patient-provider relationships, and improved outcomes.

How to Avoid Financial Catastrophe When You Purchase a New EHR

Potential repeal of the ACA introduces uncertainty about future revenues that should be factored into decisions about acquiring a new EHR.

Why 2017 Might Finally Be the Year of Healthcare Interoperability

Healthcare is moving toward an industry-wide interoperability that can't fully emerge until the technology to enable it has matured. There's a better-than-average chance 2017 is the year we start to see real benefit.

America Has a Rural Healthcare Crisis – Technology Can Help

Can technology provide a remedy for the dismal state of rural healthcare in America? If not, what else can be done? Irv Lichtenwald outlines the issues.

7 Facts to Know about MACRA

MACRA has been finalized and will affect all providers that care for at least 100 Medicare patients or bill more than $30,000 a year. Here are 7 facts to know about MACRA.

The Cures Act Will Make Interoperability Mandatory

If the 21st Century Cures Act becomes law, EHR vendors that have failed to live up to their Interoperability Pledges will find that compliance is no longer voluntary.

In Healthcare, High Tech is Not a Substitute for Engagement

High technology may thrill us from time to time with promises, but it is the low technology of interpersonal connections—of speaking, listening, and sharing—that keeps us all going.

The Crisis in Mental Healthcare – Can EHRs Help?

Digitized mental health care may mean better mental health care, but system security and personal privacy are crucial when it comes to mental health data.