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HIV/AIDS Vaccine: Is It Different This Time?

Clinicians have noticed since the early days of the AIDS epidemic that some individuals, although few and far between, have been infected with HIV but failed to progress to AIDS.
DIY surgery (TDWI)

Do-It-Yourself Healthcare

As supportive technologies improve and become cheaper, I suspect you will see more and more consumers becoming fans of do-it-yourself healthcare

On the Origins of Major Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases offer important clues as to what we can expect in the new world of urbanization, globalization, and climatic change.

An Exotic Epidemic: When Science and Politics Collide

In the interest of telling the unvarnished truth, here are a couple of examples of the effect of globalization and global warming on health.

Vaccines vs. Antibiotics: Which is Better?

Dr. Dov Michaeli postulates what's better, vaccines or antibiotics. We know vaccinations work and most bacteria are antibiotic resistant. So, the choice is obvious, right? Read on.
stomach ulcer H pylori

Gastric Ulcer, Acid, and H. pylori: A Delicate Balance

It is now generally accepted that H. pylori is responsible for most cases of gastric ulcers and stomach cancer, thanks to the discovery of the role of H. pylori.

Prions Can Kill You

Prions are ordinary cellular proteins that are able to form two 3-D shapes—one normal and one misfolded. The misfolded prion causes diseases.

The Body/Mind Connection: How Immunity is Affected by Your Brain

Tai Chi alone increased participants' immunity to varicella suggesting the brain plays an important role in the immune response.