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Self-Control in Decision Making: The Buck Stops in Your Head

Who amongst us hasn't experienced the exasperation and heartbreak of suffering through punishing diets and staring at the unmoving dial on the bathroom scale?
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Life is Not Fair: The Neural Basis of Decision-Making

Contemplating whether he made a good negotiation offer, Dr. Dov Michaeli dives into the neural basis of decision-making.
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Last Dispatch From Israel: Land of Paradoxes, Contradictions, and Kvetching

Here are some of the thoughts that went through Dr. Dov Michaeli's mind as he was ready to bid adieu to Israel.

Understanding Our Social Brain

It has long been hypothesized that areas in the brain are specializing in directing social interactions like emulation, attunement, empathy, and altruism. This study provides unequivocal neuro-anatomical proof.

We are the Only Animals That Cry

Believe it or not, crying is unique to us humans. Not even our closest relatives, the chimpanzees, are capable of shedding emotional tears.

Why are We So Dumb?

It is time we stop pandering to the ideological know-nothings and tell it like it is without obfuscation.

Why are Americans Resistant to Science?

It all begins in childhood. This resistance stems from two general facts about children—one having to do with what they know and the other having to do with how they learn.
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My Teachers Knew Better

Old-fashioned teaching and testing is the way to learn and retain the knowledge for a lifetime of usefulness and enjoyment.

The Neurobiology of Diet Failure

Why don't we see miracle diets that tout maintenance of weight loss? The reasons for that are both psychological and physiological, and the neurobiology of it is fascinating.
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The Placebo Effect is Really in Your Head

We are increasingly coming to the conclusion that the much maligned placebo effect is indeed "all in your head"—but in a much more profound sense than had been suspected.
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Are We As Patient (and Smart) As We Think We Are?

Dr. Dov Michaeli explores the question of who has more patience, us or our closest relatives, the chimps.
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The Psychology and Neuroscience of Hypocrisy

Saying one thing and then doing another is a result of your weakness. But doing one thing and then saying another, this is no weakness but willful hypocrisy.