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Why are we lousy predictors?

We all know somebody, or somebody who knows sombody, who had a winning streak in the casino, and then proceeded to lose it all...

The Neuropsychology of a Conservative Worldview.

Political views are shaped by culture, education, religion, upbringing, life experiences,even economics, but also by genetics. Studies from the UK suggest that children born with low IQ are more prone to harbor conservative worldviews. Dr. Dov Michaeli reviews the evidence.
Inquisition neck collar with spikes

Lest We Forget: Somber Thought for the New Year

After a trip to Cartagena's Inquisition Museum on New Year's Eve, Dov Michaeli reminds us to not forget the lessons of the past and try to become a bit more human and humane to each other.

On Bees and Neurons

How do we make decisions? Let’s say that we have to choose between Brand X and Brand Y; what’s going on in our brain?...

Want to Improve Your Brain? Just zap it!

Just think about for a moment: learning something new, or remembering something old has something in common –it involves activation of neurons. Yes, this is...
what shapes personality

Who shapes our personality?

This question was, and still is, the subject of debate among philosophers, neuroscientists and psychologists. Do we have free will? In that case it...

The Mood of the Country in a Cacophony of Tweets

I have to admit, I have been grossly underestimating Twitter. After all, who is interested in Sara Palin’s latest shopping trip, or in my announcement...

Social Darwinists: Know Thy Biology

Listen to “Tea Party” ideologues single-mindedly pursuing their agenda of deep cuts in social governmental functions and you can’t escape the conclusion that there...

The Joy of Revenge

No sooner did the Navy Seals depart from Bin Laden’s compound, the argument about our reaction to the spectacular operation that resulted in killing...

Consequences of messing with the biological clock

Who hasn’t heard about the ravages of night shift work? Countless studies document a whole array of physiological effects ranging from the gastrointestinal tract...
Bonobo photo: By Psych USD (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Why Don’t Italian Men Leave Their Mothers?

We can answer the question by reading a study on monkey behavior titled, Mothers Matter! Maternal Support, Dominance Status, and Mating Success in Male Bonobos
fairness and altruism

Who Is The Fairest Of Them All? You Be The Judge

Fairness and altruism have been demonstrated in many lower species, all the way to social insects. Now, what about humans?