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Want to Improve Your Brain? Just zap it!

Just think about for a moment: learning something new, or remembering something old has something in common –it involves activation of neurons. Yes, this is...
what shapes personality

Who shapes our personality?

This question was, and still is, the subject of debate among philosophers, neuroscientists and psychologists. Do we have free will? In that case it...

The Mood of the Country in a Cacophony of Tweets

I have to admit, I have been grossly underestimating Twitter. After all, who is interested in Sara Palin’s latest shopping trip, or in my announcement...

Social Darwinists: Know Thy Biology

Listen to “Tea Party” ideologues single-mindedly pursuing their agenda of deep cuts in social governmental functions and you can’t escape the conclusion that there...

The Joy of Revenge

No sooner did the Navy Seals depart from Bin Laden’s compound, the argument about our reaction to the spectacular operation that resulted in killing...

Consequences of messing with the biological clock

Who hasn’t heard about the ravages of night shift work? Countless studies document a whole array of physiological effects ranging from the gastrointestinal tract...
Bonobo photo: By Psych USD (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Why Don’t Italian Men Leave Their Mothers?

We can answer the question by reading a study on monkey behavior titled, Mothers Matter! Maternal Support, Dominance Status, and Mating Success in Male Bonobos
fairness and altruism

Who Is The Fairest Of Them All? You Be The Judge

Fairness and altruism have been demonstrated in many lower species, all the way to social insects. Now, what about humans?
professor and emotional robot

Here Come the Emotional Robots

The first prototype robots capable of developing emotions as they interact with their human caregivers and expressing a whole range of emotions have been finalized by researchers. What does that mean for humans?

The Uncanny Valley of Visual Behavior

Art history has always fascinated me. It encompasses the history of art since essentially the beginning of intelligent Homo sapiens.

Self-Control in Decision Making: The Buck Stops in Your Head

Who amongst us hasn't experienced the exasperation and heartbreak of suffering through punishing diets and staring at the unmoving dial on the bathroom scale?
brain - anterior cingulate cortex

Life is Not Fair: The Neural Basis of Decision-Making

Contemplating whether he made a good negotiation offer, Dr. Dov Michaeli dives into the neural basis of decision-making.