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Is Ambition Good or Bad? Like Everything Else, It Depends

Sociologic studies show that ambition is especially high in lower and middle-class people where it may help them better provide for their children.

Crime and Punishment -It’s all in the Brain

Studies suggest that the right lateral prefrontal cortex (rLPFC) is involved in following social norms and in the urge to punish violators. But "involved" still doesn't tell us what exactly is happening in this area: Is it the cause of fair behavior?
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On Compassion

For Joel Klepper, who can do it all My friend's son, Joel Klepper, a student at the University of Oregon, sent his father a summary...
coyote adaptability

The Amazing Adaptability of the Wily Coyote

Coyotes changes over the millennia have allowed us to observe the evolutionary phenomenon of adaptation and it's a beautiful thing.
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You Think You Made that Decision? Think Again

How we make decisions is a subject of lively investigations in neurobiology. What is the anatomical substrate of decision making? Do we actually make a...
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Love Addict, A Book Review

We now believe that addiction—the compulsive use of x, despite negative consequences—is a disease of both behavior and brain.

The Myth of Noblesse Oblige

In this season of hateful rhetoric and screams of "class warfare", one cannot be blamed for perceiving people on the lower socioeconomic rungs as unprincipled, predatory,...

Warning: Routine is Habit Forming

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about the steps involved in tying your shoelaces? Or about the various maneuvers you perform when you mount...

Why are we lousy predictors?

We all know somebody, or somebody who knows sombody, who had a winning streak in the casino, and then proceeded to lose it all...

The Neuropsychology of a Conservative Worldview.

Political views are shaped by culture, education, religion, upbringing, life experiences,even economics, but also by genetics. Studies from the UK suggest that children born with low IQ are more prone to harbor conservative worldviews. Dr. Dov Michaeli reviews the evidence.
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Lest We Forget: Somber Thought for the New Year

After a trip to Cartagena's Inquisition Museum on New Year's Eve, Dov Michaeli reminds us to not forget the lessons of the past and try to become a bit more human and humane to each other.

On Bees and Neurons

How do we make decisions? Let’s say that we have to choose between Brand X and Brand Y; what’s going on in our brain?...