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Does Your Dog Have Personality? You Betcha!

What do we know about dog personality? And, how is it different from our own? Dov Michaeli MD, Ph.D explains.

What I Am Is What I Am (and, I am Happy)

Because Julie Hemker was born with sacral agenesis and has endured extreme pain and many major operations, her doctors assume she must be depressed.

How Dogs Can Teach Us To Be Better Humans

Here are seven dog characteristics that we should try to apply to our own lives and interactions with others.
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Four Powerful Ways Dads Help Their Kids Find Recovery

For this Father's Day, let's thank our fathers for all that they do, especially those whose children struggle with addiction.

5 Ways to Rid Yourself of Junk Emotions

Just like food products have labels that describe their nutritional content, there should be “psychological nutritional labels” for reactions, relationships, and situations.
Beyond Body

Students Look to Shift Focus “Beyond Body”

A new media campaign created by students at Ithaca College (IC) is looking to shift our focus away from physical attributes and toward conversations that go beyond the body.

Infidelity: Did Your Genes Make You Do It?

Can our hormones provide a biological explanation for infidelity?
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What is Love Exactly? Let Neurobiology Explain

Dov Michaeli explores the neurobiology of love for Valentine's Day.
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Oxytocin: Hormone of Love and Kinship

Oxytocin, the love hormone, also plays a role in the emergence of inter-group conflict and violence.
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What Turns Him On? How You Look or How You Smell?

The human pheromone industry is big business. But are there claims based on scientific evidence?
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Getting the Life You Want by Design [Review & Video]

Physician and neuroscientist, Kyra Bobinet, has written a wonderful book, Well Designed Life, that provides a roadmap for using design thinking to get the life you really want to live.

Resolving to Achieve Sobriety in the New Year

If your New Year's resolution is to achieve sobriety, here are some tips from the experts: be realistic, make a plan, find support, and have fun.