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The Health Rosetta accelerates adoption of simple, practical, non-partisan fixes to our healthcare system

doctor listening to patient

Listen to Your Patients – They’re Telling You the Diagnosis!

Individuals and their caregivers are the greatest untapped sources of information, knowledge, and motivation

The Best Way to Train and Prepare Doctors for the 21st...

Medical education must include 3 key literacies will define the doctor of 2033: Network awareness, information control, and digital content creation.

Healthcare: The Greatest Generation Opportunity for Millennials

If one takes a sober look at healthcare's collateral damage, it's clear we've gone to war for far less than what the healthcare system is doing to America. Will millennials be able to fix it?

Cognified Care: A Transformation of Healthcare

The cognification of medicine—enabled by the internet, machine learning, artificial intelligence, sensors, and the Cloud—will disrupt our existing healthcare paradigm.

Monopolies on Medical Knowledge and Information are Unethical

Jonathan Bush predicts that healthcare organizations that try to defend their market position by locking down information won’t be able to keep pace with those who are opening up and reinventing themselves.

Are PPO Networks the Worst Negotiators in the World?

Insurance companies use as a selling point that their buying power gives them a pricing advantage for employers. But when you look at the numbers, that's not what's happening.

Why Healthcare Fraud is a Threat to National Security

Healthcare fraud is a national security threat. There is no party divide when it comes to protecting the homeland - we don’t need a right solution or a left solution, we need an American solution.

Why CEOs Can No Longer Ignore Healthcare Fraud and Abuse

Fraud is rampant in the healthcare system due in part to outdated claims payment methodologies. Dave Chase points out that ignorance of the problem is no longer a valid excuse given the high cost of health care and the magnitude of the waste due to fraud.