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Medicare, You Get F on the Hippocratic Test

Medicare is pushing doctors to enter data and make medical decisions based on statistical analysis. Yet, at the same time, health IT experts—including some in the federal government—are warning of hazards caused by shortcomings in EHR technology.

The Benefits of Lyfting Nonemergency Medical Transportation

CareMore Health System's early pilot using Lyft for nonemergency medical transportation found that it was more timely and less costly than traditional transport services and patients liked it.

Smartphones in Stupid Hands – A New Way to Abuse the...

Social media abuses in nursing homes have escalated to the point that the federal government has announced a crackdown.

The Basics of MACRA

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 was signed into law on April 16, 2015. Here is a brief summary of the essentials.
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Why U.S. Prescription Drugs Prices are the Highest in the World

Prescriptions drug costs in the US are higher than that of 19 other industrialized countries. According to a new study, it is because of government-protected pharmaceutical monopolies and coverage requirements of government-funded benefits.

Why It’s So Hard to Shop for Good Deals in Healthcare

Public Citizen road-tested state consumer websites to determine just how easy—or difficult—it is for consumers to obtain basic information about healthcare costs. The results are not encouraging.

5 Tips to Succeed in Population Health Management

Simply purchasing a population health management (PHM) solution doesn’t check the box for success. The shift from volume to value requires a new way of working and thinking.

Easy-to-Read Summary of the 2016 Proposed MU Modifications

Here is a readable and worthwhile summary for those of you who don't want to burn the midnight oil to review the July 2016 764-page MU modifications document.

How Patient Satisfaction Scores Fuel the Opioid Epidemic

Doctors are caught between a rock (prescribing appropriately) and a hard place (patient satisfaction scores) when it comes to denying patients prescriptions for drugs they really want—especially opioids.

Consumerism in Healthcare – Does it Work?

Emerick and Toomey explore whether consumer-directed (high deductible) health plans plus or minus cost transparency save purchasers money?

What Will the 2017 ACA Marketplace Plans Look Like?

Premiums in the Affordable Care Act marketplaces are expected to rise going forward. Product changes, such as more cost-sharing & narrow networks, can be anticipated.

What Happens When It’s Easier to Raise Rates than Manage Care?

Klepper & Goldstein explore the reason why Medicaid managed care plans have succeeded on the Exchanges, but commercial plans have not.