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When It Comes to Health, Do We Really Want to Be...

In 2011, Texas was last in the nation in terms of health insurance coverage and only average and often below average in terms of health status.
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Did You Know We are Now Means Testing Medicare Premiums

Medicare has been means testing the Part B Premium since January 2011. This is good policy if this program is going to be available for future generations.
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Health Care Reform Needs a Wael Ghonim

We need health care reform and perhaps, we need a health care revolution. For sure, we need a Wael Ghonim to lead the way.
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Why Aren’t The Uninsured Protesting In The Streets Like The Egyptians?

Maybe the uninsured could learn something from Egyptians and the Arab street. At a time when landmark health reform granting most of the uninsured...
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Will Accountable Care Organizations Become HMOs in Drag?

Will ACOs (and the organizations that help them develop and grow) just move a laundry list of health plan functions out of the plan and into a new organization? Or will they instead develop into a more effective way to deliver better value?
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Hamster Medicine

I am not blogging on veterinary medicine. Rather, hamster medicine refers to the current practice of primary care in America No, I

Start Smart for Your Baby

Centene's Smart Start for Your Baby program showed improvement in the timeliness of prenatal and postnatal care as well as in the percent of women going to their doctors more frequently.