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Ada Health Adds Swahili to Expand its Global Reach

Ada Health's Global Health Initiative advances its mission to make quality, personalized care a reality for everyone by adding Swahili and Romanian.
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Climate Change and Human Health: It’s a Killer

The impact of climate change on human health is killing people right now via extreme weather events, spread of infectious disease, and failures of nutrition.
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US Healthcare Ranks Dead Last Compared to 10 Other Countries

The U.S. ranked last in a study of the health system performance of 11 high-income countries. The only measure we excelled in was the percent of GDP we spent to deliver such dismal results.
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Do You Know Your Risk of Fragility Fractures?

Osteoporosis is known to increase the risk of fragility fractures, but, many people don't know that they have low bone density until they break a bone.
Rich Carmona, 17th U.S. Surgeon Rich Carmona MD

Rich Carmona on Why Health Security is Important

Rich Carmona, former Surgeon General shares his observations about the powerful role health and economic disparities play not only in determining outcomes in the U.S., but also globally.

Rich Carmona: From High School Dropout to Surgeon General

Former Surgeon General Rich Carmona dropped out of high school because on his block, if you found a high school graduate, it was a reportable event.
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Global Travel, Climate Change, & the Spread of Infectious Disease

Species migration & global climate change are not new, but in this present moment, they are amplified by global travel in a singular manner.
Curely telemedicine for global health

Curely’s Goal is Borderless, Constant Care [Video]

Curely hopes to offer everyone, everywhere a chance to speak with a physician - virtually

Know the Difference Between Depression and Bipolar Disorder

It can be really tough to tell the difference between major (or unipolar) depression and bipolar disorder in many cases. In part, because people will seek care for symptoms of depression, but may not for symptoms of mania.
HealthMap flu

Putting the Public Back in Public Health

HealthMap aggregates data from disparate sources, including reports submitted by individuals, to create a global interactive map of infectious disease.

It’s Giving Tuesday: Share the Love with MedShare

For 15 years, MedShare has been the bridge between surplus and need through the efficient recovery of surplus medical supplies and equipment from hospitals, manufacturers and distributors and redistribution to local safety net clinics and hospitals in the developing world and in the U.S.
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Nano Silver, Ebola, & Dr. Rima’s Truth

Rima Laibow's Natural Solutions Foundation has recently been issued a warning letter from the FDA about their claims that Nano Silver can cure Ebola