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Craig Venter

Craig Venter: Round 2

He founded the J. Venter Institute, as well as a biotech company to commercialize discovering made at the Venter Institute, and proceeded to start a project of breathtaking audacity and limitless possibilities.
Businessman examining data with magnifying glass 763 x 653 px

Danger! Bad Interpretation of Good Data

The danger of ill-willed people using snippets of genetic information for their malignant purposes should be stopped. It behooves us to be vigilant that facts should not be twisted to deform the truth.
Knockout Mice (1500 x 977)

In Praise of the Knockout Mouse

There is literally no field of biology or medicine that hasn't benefited from this powerful technology of the knockout mouse.
light bulb

Is the New Age of Enlightenment Finally Dawning?

Dr. Dov Michaeli highlights the salient points made in Enriquez's article as to what Biology can bring to the table in solving our energy and climate problems.

The Making of a Mass Killer

Dr. Michaeli informs us on how genes, neuroanatomy, hormones, psychology, society, and culture contribute to the makings of a mass killer.
Huntingtons disease genetics

Huntington Disease in the Age of the Genome

If you had a risk of developing a devastating, incurable disease, like Huntington's Disease, would you want to know your actual risk for the disease or not?

Whose Genes are My Genes Anyway?

If you thought you could simply give your gene to a competitor so that she can develop a gene assay and charge less exorbitant fees, you are wrong.

Is the Biology of Individuality a Mistake in the Gene?

No matter how dissimilar we look or behave, we share most of our genome with each other.
learning from honeybees

Learning about Life, Love, and Energy Balance from Honeybees

A remarkable study of the genomics and behavior of honeybees has revealed important insights into human behavior and metabolism.