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Arshya Vahabzadeh talks at Exponential Medicine

3 Key Factors to Reducing the Severity of the Mental Health...

Mental health is a global health crisis, but there are 3 key ways to tackle this, according to Arshya Vahabzadeh, MD, Harvard Medical School faculty of psychiatry.
VIolence: Shadow of man punching another 1050 x 788

Are Humans Programmed to Be Violent?

Violence is deeply rooted in our genes, but we have tools to overcome our genetic imperative—societal order, morals, ethics, police, and a judicial system.

6 Award Winning Visionaries of Participatory Research

The 6 winners of the GETy Awards demonstrate that an open source approach Is key to accelerating human health advances.
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Why Race Matters in Medicine [Video]

We have known for years that race matters in medicine; lack of diversity in biomed research is one of the problems. Esteban Burchard MD, MPH explains.
the future of psychiatry arshya vahabzadeh

6 Trends That Reimagine Mental Health and Psychiatry

Arshya Vahabzadeh, MD presented his vision in the talk, The Future of Psychiatry, and discussed six new trends that will shape the way mental health is assessed and treated.
Biological clock on person

The Biologic Clock of Aging

What we have learned about the biologic clock of aging goes beyond satisfying the curiosity of how long we are destined to live.
digital doctor

Technologies That Will Disrupt Healthcare in the Next 5 to 10...

Innovative technologies in diagnosis, treatment, and care delivery will disrupt healthcare within the next 5-10 years.

What’s Wrong with Serial Killers and Mass Murderers?

Serial killers and mass murderers aren't normal - but what exactly is wrong with them?
neanderthal (600 x 393)

Is There a Neanderthal Lurking in Your Genes?

Those of you who are European or Asian ancestry probably wouldn't exist today, at least not in your present form, if were it not for the Neanderthal lurking on your genes.
Photo of human embroy by Dr. Yorgos Nikas/SPL, from Nature News 4/22/15

3 Big Scientific Breakthroughs That Will Change Our Lives

Here are 3 scientific breakthroughs that are sure to change our lives - but, we don't yet know whether the change will be for the better....or worse.

The Biology of Friendship

At first sight, friendship seems like a human construct outside the realm of biology. But recent studies in animal behavior describe social bonding across the biological world.
Ralph Snyderman and Patricia Salber at PMWC15 (698 x 391 px)

My Conversation With The ‘Father of Personalized Medicine’

Although we are still early in the genomic revolution, Dr. Ralph Snyderman, the 'Father of Personalized Medicine,' says we already know enough to practice personalized predictive care right now