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What You Need to Know About Hepatitis

There are many different forms of hepatitis (inflammation of the liver), but what they have in common is that the symptoms are often subtle and they can progress to liver scarring (cirrhosis) and liver failure. Hepatologist Joseph Galati describes the causes and course of the different types.
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Did You Know that Obesity Can Damage Your Liver?

As the obesity epidemic continues to grow, we are seeing serious complications, including non-alcohol fatty liver disease (NAFLD), in many obese people, including very young children. In some cases, the damage to the liver leads to irreversible scarring requiring transplantation. If diagnosed and treated early, these complications can be prevented.
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What You Should Know Before Undergoing Bariatric Surgery

Successful bariatric surgery requires preparation, long-term recovery, and lifelong changes in your relationships with your body, food, and the people in your life.
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How to Achieve Better Care For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Listen to your patients with IBS, not just their symptoms, but for what they want and how their symptoms are affecting their day-to-day lives. They are living the one case they really know about.
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5 Tips for People Living with Crohn’s Disease

Most people with Crohn's disease respond well if they follow the treatment plan provided by their doctor, track their symptoms and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The High Cost of Living with Chronic Liver Disease

People with chronic liver disease have higher healthcare costs than other people ($18,359 vs. $5,271). They also face significant quality of life issues.

A Promising Alternative to Bariatric Surgery

A recent study suggests a new endoscopic stapler procedure may offer an alternative for patients who are not candidates for bariatric surgery.
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Five Reasons Why GERD is More Than Just “Heartburn”

GERD is commonly known as "heartburn." If the symptoms don't go away after modifying lifestyle & taking medications, medical attention is indicated to prevent complications.
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Digital Tools for Gastrointestinal Health

Two new digital tools to help manage gastrointestinal health are the MyGIHealth app for clinicians and the MyNutritionHealth app for patients.

How Good is Screening Colonoscopy for Average-risk Adults?

An interesting study supports the use of screening colonoscopy to reduce late-stage CRC diagnosis in patients with average risk for colon cancer.
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Fecal Transplantation for Refractory C. difficile Infections

Early results of a novel treatment of refractory C. difficile infection suggest that fecal transplantation if highly effective.
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Gastric Ulcer, Acid, and H. pylori: A Delicate Balance

It is now generally accepted that H. pylori is responsible for most cases of gastric ulcers and stomach cancer, thanks to the discovery of the role of H. pylori.