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sumo wrestling tournament

Why Don’t Sumo Wrestlers Die of Heart Disease?

Weighing at 400-lbs or more, received wisdom dictates that these people are sitting ducks for diabetes and heart disease.
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Confessions of a Walking Fool

Dr. Klepper tells his story of open heart surgery and the importance exercise, even if it's just walking.
Barbara HIllary

Barbara Hillary – A New Kind of Oldster

Here is a great story in the SF Chronicle about a woman named Barbara Hillary, a cancer survivor, who skied to the North Pole.
pile of pills

What Drug Prevents the Onset of Type 2 Diabetes Best?

An editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine takes a stab at answering which drug should be used.
life of a fat woman

Is Your Workplace Making You Fat?

If you are like many Americans, you spend more of your awake time at work than you do at home. But, is your workplace healthy by design?

Aerobic Exercise Builds Brain Power

Aerobic exercise increases the integration and coordination of the right and left brains and, thus, increases cognitive efficiency.
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Exercise and the Flow of Energy from Food to You

Dov Michaeli MD Ph.D explains the biochemical impact of too little exercise. The recipe for living well and long is reduced caloric intact and exercise.
road warrior life health

Travel Incompetence: An Unexpected Way to Get Some Exercise

A personal story about how travel incompetence (mine and the airlines) helped me get lots of exercise while trying to catch my flight.
weight loss maintenance

You Lost the Weight – Now Can You Keep it Off?

The dietary and physical activity behaviors of adults successful at weight loss maintenance.
Rancho La Puerta Keep returning

Why Rancho La Puerta is the Grandmother of All Spas

Rancho La Puerta, in Tecate, Mexico has an integrated approach to weight loss, fitness, and eating healthy. This is not a fat farm. It is a health farm.
Oldsters holding hands and walking

Recommendations for Exercise & Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes

There is strong scientific evidence to show that diet and exercise prevent the progression of prediabetes to full-blown diabetes.
working out in the Copper Canyon

Working Out in the Copper Canyon

What we can learn the benefits of staying fit from the famous Tarahumara long-distance runners of Mexico's Copper Canyon.