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Man running on treadmill

Celebrating the 2017 New Year with Exercise

For this New Year's resolution list, try exercising before breakfast. It'll be better for your weight.

What You Need to Know Before You Take That Health App...

Just like there are good and bad books, good and bad medicines, and good and bad nutritional supplements, there are also good and bad health apps

Seniors, Here are Five Ways You Can Safely Boost Your Metabolism

Aging can slow your metabolism, but there are many things you can do to keep your body humming as the years go by. Here are five of them.
Rebecca and Quincy

How My Dog Keeps Me Healthy

A 7th grader writes about how her new puppy has made the whole family healthier because of the need for daily walks.
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Tips on How to Deal with the Effects of Stress on...

Stress occurs in everyone’s life, but there are many actions you can take to deal with it more effectively and block its adverse effects on your body and mind.
Young woman dancing on beach with friends (1500 x 853 px)

Do You Know Why Dancing Makes You Feel Happy?

Music and dance, like language, are forms of communication that are deeply embedded in our brains. They make us feel happy and serve as a glue to our social bonding.
Man and woman checking tech watch

3 Ways Tech is Revolutionizing Exercise

We are living in the age of the sensor. Not only is wearable technology reshaping fashion, it has also caused a revolution in how we exercise and stay in shape.
road warrior life health

The Road Warrior Life is a Hazard to Your Health

The road warrior life is a challenge to our ancient gene pool that evolved to sustain us during periods of feast and famine, exercise, and rest.
Pregnant lady working out

3 Best Pregnancy Workouts

Pregnancy is no time to turn into a soda-sipping, chip 'n dipping couch potato. Here are three great ways to stay in shape during those nine months.
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3 Surefire Ways to Prevent Burnout

Burnout affects almost half of doctors. Re-evaluating work/life balance with simple lifestyle changes can help reduce the symptoms.
Man running on treadmill

Exercise Before Breakfast to Boost Its Benefit on Weight

Exercise before breakfast when there are low levels of insulin & blood sugar and facilitated mobilization is better for your weight.
French man with cell phone

Improve Your Health Digitally with French Tech [Video]

We spent some time with two of these French Tech companies to learn what they are up to: BewellConnect and Biomouv.