The Fascinating History of the Color Red

Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD - 4/14/2021 - 16

The color red was most likely the first color (besides black and white) to be registered in our ancient ancestors brains.

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What Makes Humans Different from the Rest of the Animals?

Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD - 10/4/2019 - 2

Exploring the answer to the question of how humans are different from other animals has led researchers to make some fascinating discoveries.

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Science Shines a Light on the Evolution of Music and Language

Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD - 6/29/2019 - 0

Scientific experiments help elucidate the evolution of music from a meaningless jumble of sounds into a more coherent form of human communication.

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hairy penis

The Fascinating Case of the Hairy Penis

Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD - 5/22/2019 - 2

The hairy penis occurs in chimpanzees and male mammals of other lower species. How it disappeared during the evolution of man is a fascinating story.

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Black lives matter protesters with signs (1000 x 667)

The Roots of Inequality and What We Can Do About It

Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD - 2/2/2018 - 0

Our genes, brain, and psychology all conspire to generate inequality in our highly developed societies. But it wasn’t always so. When and why has inequality become so entrenched?

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Gerrymandered map of Mass from 1812

Cooperation in the Age of the Gerrymander

Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD - 1/21/2018 - 5

In the past, cooperation for mutual benefit was so biologically advantageous that it was hard-wired in the brain, but politics may have changed the rules of the game.

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ancient history of drinking to excess

The Surprising Ancient History of Drinking in Excess

Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD - 6/24/2017 - 1

The ancients recognized that wine was good for you in small quantities but harmful in excess. In Greek mythology, only the Gods were allowed to get drunk.

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What Do Women Really Want When It Comes to Men?

Dov Michaeli, MD, PhD - 7/18/2016 - 13

What does science have to say about what women want when it comes to men? It turns out, it says a lot, but also very little. Dov Michaeli examines the evolutionary psychology and physiologic evidence.

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