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Polycystic-ovary-syndrome woman doctor with woman patient

Understanding Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome is common but unfortunately, it often goes undiagnosed. Understanding PCOS and its consequences are essential to improving care.
broke shoulder

What Happened When I Fell and Broke My Shoulder

After I fell and fractured my shoulder, I learned that there are many issues to consider in addition to the fall and the fracture.
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It May Not Be Low T, But It Is High Reward

How testosterone direct-to-consumer advertising helps pharma rake in the dough.
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6 Metabolic Benefits of Strength Training For Women

Modern approaches to strength training tailored for women can result in significant metabolic benefits without bulking you up. Here's the evidence.
IMG Why Are So Many People Taking Their Chances with Osteoporosis?

Why Are So Many People Taking Their Chances with Osteoporosis?

Despite being a physician, trained in endocrinology, and now pretty up-to-date on the treatment of osteoporosis, I just could not bring myself to tell my physician that I would take bisphosphonates. Why is that?

Drugs, Falls, & Fractures: A Missed Opportunity in Osteoporosis

Not only are we failing to reduce overall use of drugs associated with fractures, but only a fraction of people who are eligible for prescriptions for bone strengthening drugs are getting them.
risk fragility fracture

Do You Know Your Risk of Fragility Fractures?

Osteoporosis is known to increase the risk of fragility fractures, but, many people don't know that they have low bone density until they break a bone.

Can Obesity Cause Memory Loss?

A study found that people defined as obese had lost brain tissue.
diabetes test

Obese Diabetics: Which is Better Surgery or Intensive Medical Therapy?

It is interesting that the treatment of diabetes, long the purview of the internist and family physician, may one day (soon) be best treated with surgery.

The Biology of Friendship

At first sight, friendship seems like a human construct outside the realm of biology. But recent studies in animal behavior describe social bonding across the biological world.

Look in a Dog’s Eyes and Feel the Love

Can oxytocin, the love hormone, explain our deep ties with dogs?

Glooko: Linking Blood Glucose to What’s Happening in Your Life

Patients can then useGlooko to contextualize the glucose readings by adding lifestyle information that surrounds the time the measurement was taken: what they ate, how many carbs they ingested, what medications they took, whether they were exercising.