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It May Not Be Low T, But It Is High Reward

How testosterone direct-to-consumer advertising helps pharma rake in the dough.

Can Obesity Cause Memory Loss?

A study found that people defined as obese had lost brain tissue.
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Obese Diabetics: Which is Better Surgery or Intensive Medical Therapy?

It is interesting that the treatment of diabetes, long the purview of the internist and family physician, may one day (soon) be best treated with surgery.

The Biology of Friendship

At first sight, friendship seems like a human construct outside the realm of biology. But recent studies in animal behavior describe social bonding across the biological world.

Look in a Dog’s Eyes and Feel the Love

Can oxytocin, the love hormone, explain our deep ties with dogs?

Glooko: Linking Blood Glucose to What’s Happening in Your Life

Patients can then useGlooko to contextualize the glucose readings by adding lifestyle information that surrounds the time the measurement was taken: what they ate, how many carbs they ingested, what medications they took, whether they were exercising.

Breakthrough: Insulin-producing Cells from Stem Cells

A major breakthrough has been made by generating massive amounts of insulin-producing beta cells from embryonic stem cells. Cure is close at hand.

Testosterone: A Time Bomb Waiting to Go Off

Testosterone supplementation is fraught with risks. Increased incidence of strokes, blood clots, and fueling of dormant prostate cancer. It also results in testicular atrophy and gynecomastia (enlarged breasts).

The Fat/Carbohydrate Conundrum: Even More Confusion?

A major study showed that a low carbohydrate/ high fat diet is best for weight loss and cardiac health.
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Why Some People are Happy to Share

Dov Michaeli explains the biology of why people dig into their wallets and feel good while they are doing it - sharing is hard-wired into our brains.

New Diet Studies, or How Fads are Born

The interaction of diet and health is immensely difficult to unravel. Flawed studies don't help. But like the free radical theory of disease and longevity, when the public wants an easy answer, they acquire a life of their own and become dogma.

Manage your Vitals Beautifully with iHealth Trackers

iHealth makes apps & devices and has cloud services. Their Chief Creative Officer, Tingbin Tang, describes their suite of health trackers, "Manage My Vitals" at Silicon Valley's Health 2.0 meetup.