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8 Physician Employment Contract Items You Need to Know About

More and more physicians are signing employment contracts as opposed to opening up a practice. If you see any of these 8 concerning contract items when reviewing your contract, it is probably time to negotiate.
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What’s Shaking Up the Business of Healthcare?

In order to learn what's behind the recent efforts to shake up healthcare (CVS-Aetna merger & the Amazon, JP Morgan Berkshire Hathaway joint venture), Pat Salber, MD, MBA turned to Rita Numerof, Ph.D, President of Numerof & Associates, to find out what she thinks are the underlying factors for these huge changes.

Are PPO Networks the Worst Negotiators in the World?

Insurance companies use as a selling point that their buying power gives them a pricing advantage for employers. But when you look at the numbers, that's not what's happening.

3 Dimensions of Medical Practice Cohesion

These 3 dimensions of cohesion will help to improve your workplace dynamic by fostering good teamwork, increasing productivity, and achieving greater success.

Employers are Paying $500B Too Much for Healthcare

Dave Chase explores why employers should get a second opinion if they're overpaying for healthcare.

Consumerism in Healthcare – Does it Work?

Emerick and Toomey explore whether consumer-directed (high deductible) health plans plus or minus cost transparency save purchasers money?
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6 Important Claims Data Failures You Need to Know About

Mis-coding, mid-diagnosis, and incorrect analysis of claims data can prevent employers from fully understanding the cost drivers in their covered population. Tom Emerick and David Toomey explain why.
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Healthcare Can Be Hazardous to Your Health, Just Ask Quizzify

Al Lewis' new company, Quizzify, aims to improve employees health literacy via fun, but educational Q&As that can be tied to rewards to keep them engaged.

Why Strategy Matters Now

Until recently, most healthcare organizations could get by without a real strategy….That era is ending.
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CEOs, Obamacare, and Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness: Is it the opening salvo in an old economy jihad against aging and chronically ill employees? Al Lewis and Vik Khanna explain.
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Krugman Stirs the Pot on Obamacare (Again)

Paul Krugman’s opinion piece, “Health, Work, Lies” in today’s New York Times today takes on politicians’ and the media's spin of a recent, widely...
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Nebraska State Employee Wellness Program Motto: First Do Harm

In the name of wellness, state employees were subject to the most overdiagnosis and overtreatment ever documented—at taxpayer expense, no less.