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Why Unfair ER Coverage Policies are Risky for Patients

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield's policy that retroactively denies payment for emergency department care is unfair and places a dangerous burden on patients.
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Denying Coverage for Emergency Care is a Danger to Patients

New health insurance policies that deny coverage for emergency care after patients have already been seen and evaluated means that they will have to determine for themselves whether their symptoms are an emergency or be at risk for large bills. Keep in mind that it's hard to do even if you are a doctor.
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Primary Care is Better When Hospitals Are Engaged

While the hospital is not central to the idea of a patient-centered medical home, it can play a crucial role in overall patient health.

Are More Smaller E.R.s Better Than Fewer Big Ones?

Hospital-Satellite Emergency Departments offer a more distributed solution to overcrowding compared with simply building bigger and bigger hospital-based EDs.
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3 Reasons Why Independent EM Groups are Better

Independent emergency medicine groups are surviving despite all the changes in healthcare because they offer lower turnover, experienced staff, and leaner operations than large groups that have administrative overhead.
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Should Antibiotics Be Given After an Abcess is Drained?

The abscess cure rate in a group of patients receiving antibiotics was about 93% compared to 86% in the placebo group, a statistically significant difference of 7 percentage points.
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How Should Doctors Talk About Gun Safety?

Leading gun violence researchers call for physicians to personalize gun safety counseling based on their patients' firearms beliefs and preferences.

Are You Better, Same, or Worse? Your ER Wants to Know

A simple electronic survey tool, SMARTworks EffectiveResponse, reduces risk and improves satisfaction for patients discharged from the ER.

ED Design Planning and Simulation Improves Operations

By taking a methodical approach and incorporating relevant data into the process, EDs can optimize their likelihood of a positive change.

Emergency Physicians Give Emergency Care in America a D+

The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) has just released a report card on Emergency Care in the US and it isn't pretty. The overall grade was a D+, down from the 2009 grade of a C. Most parents would ground their kid if s/he came home with these types of grades, but how do you ground an ER? For one of the richest countries on earth, it is one more damning set of dismal findings about the state of our healthcare non-system.

A Close Encounter with Exceptional Emergency Care in Cuenca

After breaking his foot in the Galapagos, Dov Michaeli discovered the difference between our unexceptional healthcare system & a truly remarkable one in Ecuador

Emergency Care – In Slow Motion

I have come full circle to my original decision to become a physician and help others. I enjoy helping people individually, not as one of an endless string of appointments. I enjoy helping people from my heart, without worrying about billing.