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John Lynn, Blogger Extraordinaire, Shares His Story

A few years ago, John Lynn (AKA @techguy) astonished me by saying that he was making a living blogging; I caught up with him at HiMSS14 to learn how.

How to Serve Your Patients Better with Mobile Solutions

With these mobile technologies becoming an everyday part of healthcare for consumers and providers alike, we are moving beyond facility-based care and getting closer to a delivery model that is patient-centered and able to efficiently address their individual needs.

Healthcare Data Center Rap

Nothing like the holidays to take a few minutes to let loose while still sharing a healthcare IT message.
Omada Health Team

Omada Health Takes the Diabetes Prevention Program Digital

Prevent, by Omada Health, combines the evidence-based approach of the original DPP with the convenience and efficiency of internet.

The Almost Perfect Out-Patient Experience

What does it take to have an almost perfect outpatient visit? Appointment when you want, good EHR, excellent PCP, timely follow-up and all needs met.

Plug and Play Electronic Health Records

We still have not reached the goal of an EHR in every doctor’s office. Why not? Well, here's what I learned.

The Roots of Empathy

Why do we empathize? And how did the capacity of human beings to imagine the other come into being?