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Medicare, You Get F on the Hippocratic Test

Medicare is pushing doctors to enter data and make medical decisions based on statistical analysis. Yet, at the same time, health IT experts—including some in the federal government—are warning of hazards caused by shortcomings in EHR technology.

Does Your Dog Have Personality? You Betcha!

What do we know about dog personality? And, how is it different from our own? Dov Michaeli MD, Ph.D explains.

Adding Teleretinal Exams to the EHR is Time and Sight Saving

When the right technology is married to the right process, the sky’s the limit in terms of driving compliance and improving care—case in point, diabetic retinopathy.

How to Get a ROI from a Behavioral Health EHR

There is no Meaningful Use for behavioral health hospitals. Nevertheless, there can be a significant return on investment for implementation of EHRs in behavioral health settings.

The Basics of MACRA

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 was signed into law on April 16, 2015. Here is a brief summary of the essentials.

5 Tips to Succeed in Population Health Management

Simply purchasing a population health management (PHM) solution doesn’t check the box for success. The shift from volume to value requires a new way of working and thinking.

Virtual Health Now and in the Future

New research from Xerox found that only 16% of U.S. adults have used virtual health for non-urgent advice, exams, or counseling...even though 61% are willing to do so.

Combating Alert Fatigue with Better Alert Engines

There are many reasons why clinicians ignore EMR drug alerts. To regain trust in alert engines, the alerts must be personalized & contextualized.
Knowledge is Power from D'Arcy Gue's post

The Case for Robust Patient Portals is Growing

D'Arcy Gue argues that physicians must move beyond their sense of unease and embrace the portals' ability to empower patients.

How Can We Engage Patients Behind Their Screens?

Irv Lichtenwald writes that successful patient portals will be designed to appeal to users both as consumers and as patients?

How to Tame the EHR to Conquer Information Overload

The challenge for today's EHRs is to provide physicians with information they need for patient care without burdening them with data they could do without.

The Problem with Medicare’s Quality Payment Program

MACRA 2015 set parameters for new physician incentives that can be based, in part, on models from private insurers