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5 Reasons Why The Modern EHR Must Be Mobile

A customizable, easy-to-use mobile interface can both improve common EHR efficiency issues and open the door to the meaningful use of EHR systems.
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Cosmetic Surgery Patient’s Leaked Identity Leads to Malpractice Claim

A closed claim by a cosmetic surgery patient whose photo showed up in search results highlights the dangers of working with unfamiliar digital technology.
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8 Ways Tech is Shaping the Future of Healthcare

We have entered an exciting new frontier of state-of-the-art gadgets and high-tech communication systems that are revolutionizing healthcare.
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Can Patient Safety Be Protected After a Cyber Attack?

What physicians and hospital staff need to know in order to protect patient safety if all patient care data vanish after a cyber attack.
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What We Can Learn from the WannaCry Ransomware Attacks

Use of old software and failure to implement security updates played an important role in the success of the recent relatively unsophisticated WannaCry ransomware attacks.
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Can Commoditization Drive Down Costs of EHRs?

We may never want healthcare IT to fully commoditize because it would probably result in fewer advances and less innovation. Still, some standards and modularity are essential to apply downward pressure on healthcare IT pricing.
The Work of Optimizing Your EHR is Never Finished (Adobe Stock)

The Work of Optimizing Your EHR is Never Finished

All hospitals, including those that have had relatively smooth transitions to their new EHRs, will need to continue process-related modifications based on user needs, but also on changes in the healthcare world.
Is Blockchain the Key to Healthcare IT Interoperability? (Adobe Stock)

Is Blockchain the Key to Healthcare IT Interoperability?

The interoperability enabled by blockchain is particularly promising for its potential to transfer relevant patient data from one provider to another no matter the location or the providers’ particular EHR.
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An Effective EHR Needs These 4 Elements

EHRs must have features that help physicians better manage patients and not just serve as documentation for billing.