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Healthy Life Extended by Eight Years in a Landmark Study

We know we can extend healthy life using readily available medications and a team-based, systematic approach. But, do we have the will to do it?

How to Optimize the Treatment of Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease that is manageable through medications and by eliminating or avoiding triggers (e.g., allergens, poor indoor air quality).
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The Lark App is Cheerleader & Coach for Chronic Conditions

According to Julia Hu, founder of the company that makes the Lark app, a text-based health coaching program, it has the highest engagement in the industry.

From DMAA to CCA to PHA – What?? Listen as Fred...

A recent change in leadership at the Care Continuum Alliance (CCA) resulted in the appointment of an Acting Executive Director, Fred Goldstein, a successful disease management company CEO who sold his company, Specialty Disease Management Services to US Preventive Health in 2007. Fred is now the Founder and President of Accountable Health, LLC. and more relevant to this post, the Acting Executive Director of the Care Continuum Alliance, now rebranded as the Population Health Alliance. Watch this video interview, recorded at HiMSS 2014, as Fred explains what the CCA, now the PHA is up to: