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Healthcare Cognitive Assistants Aren’t Just Thinking Anymore, They’re Doing

Cognitive Assistants (CAs), like IBM's Watson, provide ready access to relevant literature, lab results, medical images, historical details, and more to guide next steps in a patient’s care, but now some CAs, like Reflexion's VERA, are adding "doing" to the "thinking".

Bob Wachter Shares His Vision of The Future of Medicine

Bob Wachter, MD shares his vision of the future of tech-enabled, patient empowered healthcare in an interview with The Doctors Company. A fascinating view of healthcare that's coming soon.

Public Health Tech: The Future of Health Tech You Never Heard...

Public Health Tech is any tech product or tech-enabled service that prevents the onset of disease or addresses the needs of medically vulnerable populations. The founders of newly created P2Health Ventures believe it is the future of healthcare.
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Health Tech Highlights from CES 2017

The TDWI team went to the gargantuan annual tech show, Consumer Electronic Show (CES), in Las Vegas searching for interesting healthcare stories and products to tell you about. Enjoy!

Digital Health: A Review of Investing Trends from 2015 to 2016

Funding for digital health continues to to be robust, but what is being funded has changed as the market continues to mature.

When it Comes to Telemedicine, Who is Paying for What?

Telemedicine reimbursement policies vary by payer. Leanza Tupfer reviews what is covered based on type of payer (Medicare, Medicaid, Private Plans).

In Healthcare, High Tech is Not a Substitute for Engagement

High technology may thrill us from time to time with promises, but it is the low technology of interpersonal connections—of speaking, listening, and sharing—that keeps us all going.

How Technology Squeezed the Joy Out of Radiology

Digitization of radiology has brought important benefits to radiology practice, but the increasing isolation of radiologists may contribute to burnout.

The Wearable Tech Challenge: Philips Gets Into the Game

By setting up Connected Sensing Venture and running it like a startup, Philips hopes to demonstrate that it has the right chemistry to bring wearable technology into mainstream use.

What You Will Want to Know about from Health 2.0

Health 2.0's 10th anniversary conference showcased health innovations that ranged from VR to pharma, apps to art, and more.
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What Happened When I Prescribed an App

Just like there are good and bad books, good and bad medicines, and good and bad nutritional supplements, there are also good and bad health apps

Smartphones in Stupid Hands – A New Way to Abuse the...

Social media abuses in nursing homes have escalated to the point that the federal government has announced a crackdown.